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PetpetPark.com – Create your own Petpet and explore the Park

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Www.petpetpark.com is the official website of Petpet Park, a web-based virtual world for kids to play games online. Nickelodeon Kids & Family Virtual Worlds Group (formerly Neopets) had launched Petpet Park in October 2008. The Neopets team, the creators of Neopets, is the creator of this website. A new virtual world, which is focused on Neopets’ companions, Petpets, is featured in the game. Players can select specie from six Petpet species in Petpet Park. Users can help to train species through games, activities and challenges and can customize them and take them out to explore the park and meet friends after selecting them.

PetpetPark.com - Create your own Petpet and explore the Park

Players can create their own Petpet profile, explore and meet friends, collect items, and more at Petpet Park. To do some shopping in one of the Park shops, players can play games and perform jobs to earn Park Points. Players can purchase clothes, food, and supplies from different shops and these items can customize their Petpet. Players can discover how to do this in the interactive tutorial. To find out what is happening, they can also go to the News page. Petpet Park is also seeking beta testers so if anyone, who is good at finding bugs, then he/she may become a beta tester.

Players can start playing the game by clicking on ‘Play Now’ button on the homepage. For playing the game, players need to login by entering their username and password. New players can play by clicking on “new players” option and following the instructions. To help players, a game guide and “Help” button are also available at www.petpetpark.com. Anyone whether a child or adult can play the games at www.petpetPark.com as they are very easy and interesting games. If the Petpet becomes boar, hungry, it looks sad, then by feeding them, players can keep their Petpet happy.

The round objects available are game tiles. To play a game, just stand on the round tile. The rectangle tiles available in front of buildings are doormats, or shop tiles. Stand on these to enter a building. There are also square tiles. Since Petpet Park is quite a large place, it is broken up into zones. The square tiles are like boundaries between these zones, and stepping on one of these tiles will move you into the next zone.

Players can earn Park Points (PPs), which is the currency of Petpet Park, by playing mini-games or completing quests. Players can earn up to 15,000 Park Points per day. When they reach the 15,000 Park Point limit for one day, they can still play games on the site, but they would not get any points from those games. If they reach their limit, then they will be able to earn more points next day. To purchase items, Park Points are used in all shops except the Petpet Park Mall, which takes Neocash (NC).

Click on the Closet icon and then drag and drop the desired items onto the Petpet avatar to customize a petpet. At Petpet Park Mall, players can purchase clothing items for Park Points at Fins, Feathers and Fashion and other shops, or they can buy clothing for Neocash. They can also change their Petpet’s color by purchasing color bottles at the Petpet Park Mall and then visiting Groomtopia in Fashion Field. Click on the backpack icon, which will open up your inventory to eat food. Find the food you want and drag and drop it onto your Petpet avatar. If you do not have any food in your inventory, then visit The Munchery or the Petpet Park Mall to pick up some food items.

The star tiles around the park indicate Mini-games. Single star tiles are one player games, and ones in groups are multi-player games with two, three or four players. If you want to play a single-player game, then step on one of the lone circles. A countdown will start, and you will be transported to the game. If you want to play multi-player, then step on one of the circles that are clustered in groups of two, three, or four. When a cluster is full, the countdown will start. If you want to play with friends, then organize it so that you all step in the same cluster.

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