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flappybird.ws: A site to play Flappybird Game online

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Do you miss your favorite Flappybird Game on your mobile device? Then, you don’t need to be upset because now at flappybird.ws, you can play this game online on your desktop PC for free.

Flappybird game is world’s most popular and highly addictive online mobile game, which has disappointed many gamers when creator removed it from app store and Google play store. If you are lover of flappybird game, then no need to be upset now because you can play this game at free of cost on your desktop PC online at flappybird.ws and again come back to your favorite game. Not only flappybird.ws, but also variety of website gives opportunity to play this popular game online like Flappybirds.com, FlappyBird.com, Flappybird.io and many more. For playing game online, you don’t require login or registration to play game online at flappybird.ws.

flappybird.ws: A site to play Flappybird Game online

Flappy Bird is mobile game developed by Dong Nguyen, who has earned $50000 in just one day. Currently, it’s on the top in the charts of game around the world. It has attracted numbers of players around the world and got more than 50 million downloads in a number of days. It is side-scrolling mobile game comes with 2D retro style graphics. It’s really difficult but enjoying flying bird in between rows of green pipes. In this game, you have to control the bird, and trying to fly between rows of green pipes without colliding with them, which otherwise ends the game.

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However, there is no difference or development in gameplay throughout the game because the most of the pipes is set with same gap, so you will just be careful. As well, there is no end to the running track, having only the flap and ding sound and increasing score as rewards. However, gameplay of the flappybird is easy to learn but hard to become master.

Recently, this popular game has removed from Google play store and app store by its developers because he had faced so many difficulties managing the astonishing attention that came with it. It is really good game but you should keep in mind some important tips like:

  • Stay calm at any crucial situation because flappy bird makes you go with the run so great calm and meditate mind will go at better achievement.
  • Keep your finger fast at movement because it is a game of “endless tapping”. Quick mind, fast movement is the key to achieve the goal.
  • You must require Patience: you have to maintain the focus for longer and longer durations to increase your score.

Here, you don’t require any registration or login to play this interesting game, you just need to visit flappybird.ws and start to play game online. Jut click on screen to move flappy birds. Do slow clicks to be success in very short time. If you want to flappy bird game again on iOS or android device, then you can try other like-minded games such as Flappy Plane, Flappy Penguin, Flappy Whale, and Flappy Angry Bird.

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