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BabyBottlePop.com – Interactive site to keep your Baby entertained

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Now-a-days, every parent wants to keep their lovely kids entertained and happy during their busy time, so they find best way for them. Now the searching is finished at BabyBottlePop.com as it provides kids with extraordinary fun. At the baby bottle pop place, kids can play games and connect with other kids around the world.

BabyBottlePop.com - Interactive site to keep your Baby entertained

BabyBottlePop.com has been started in August 2009. It is great online center for your kids to play games and connect with other children with safely and secretly. It is a proposal of The Topps Company, Inc., which provides range of contents connected to entertainments, candy products, collectibles, sports, contests, games and other forms of consumer entertainment. One can buy and sell baby sweet products for their kids including bottle candies like watermelon, strawberry, blue raspberry, berry blast and chewing gum. It is specially created for playing fun games. One can also learn about sweet products for children with brands such as Push Pop Candy, Ring Pop, and Juicy Drop Pop Candy as well as win different prizes such as trips and more.

How it works?

Registration is necessary to get benefit of the site. For registration, they just need their username, password, age, gender, country and state name. Once they register on the site, they can create their own baby avatars’ and discover virtual city with games, music, videos and other fun activities.

Arcade gallery is set with the range of funny games in which kids can play games using mouse and arrow key. They can also change the look of their own baby avatars by its unique features like eyes, hair and more. After login or registration, you can convert your message in a bottle or backstage pass code. The process on the site takes lot of time for loading.

You can also select action and emoticons for your baby avatar. By its different pre-set emoticon messages, you can improve more safety feature as well as interact with other users. With the help of Crypod option on the site, kids can listen to latest music from great artist anytime you explore the city as well as enjoy music videos and important news flashes. The extra information about how the site works is explained in the parents section.

Positive points:

  • Play online games and interact with other kids safely
  • Learn about baby bottle sweet products
  • Keep your baby entertained and happy when you are busy
  • Don’t need email address for registration

Negative points:

  • It takes little time for loading
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