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Agameaday.com: Play fun, challenging, educational games

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Time comes when Puzzle lovers can move from just having Plain fun, they can make their stop at Agameaday.com to enjoy huge varieties of puzzles, games and other activities, which not only entertain them but also feed their brain. There are many other websites, which offer cool brain games but this site follows the unique concept – New Game for each day of the month. No matter whether you are a child going to school or mature adult, once you have started playing, you may spare hours of fun and enjoyment at Agameaday.com. Beyond the entertainment, the site is also referred as an efficient educational site that designed to stimulate learning, encourage creative thinking and give training to our brain.

Agameaday.com: Play fun, challenging, educational games

Agameaday.com delivers a notably rich gaming content to players with a hope to find a lot of variety. There is no chance for gaming lovers to be upset in getting their favorite one, as it contains everything from jumbles to matching games, word games to scrambled picture puzzles, poetry and cool guessing games, and lot more. Amazing thing is that all those games offered by the site are ever-changing from day to day, every time you get a game that you have not played even once.

Offering plenty of Free and online word games, puzzles, anagrams, brainteasers and more, doesn’t mean that Agameaday.com is hectic, but everything available on the site is done in a very systematic way. Monthly online calendar with a game for a day is good example for this, with it you don’t need to wonder here and there to search the game for playing. Just make a glance at calendar and click the one you want to play. Frankly, there are no games for playing on weekends that might upset some of their players but isn’t it good to take a break sometimes?

It is all up to you only; you can prefer the site to play on frequently basis or go through regular track. If you make your mind to play once a day then your decision is surely right because this can help you to keep track of your progress that shows till which point you have improved your level? It is recommended to go throughout the year that helps you to enhance your thinking skills on and on.

Unexpectedly, when you are not able to complete the track orderly then don’t get frustrated as the games for the month are available at all times. Here, you can also play any game listed for the preceding days from the current day – it means you can play for the given month, if the month has already passed. Moreover, if you want to maintain your same track then also you can, just left blank all those days you have missed and go ahead as usual.

There is a saying that game addiction affects kids a lot, but now onwards kids of all ages are supposed to be affected with intensive gaming addiction with Agameaday. The site offers games in Level I and Level II; off course the first one is good for casual players whilst the second one is little bit harder. Most of the games on Level I are quick-hits, so those who have a hard time slowing down to sit and play a game can also have a chance to exercise their brain little. Even Moms who are great at nurturing and keeping the family running can enjoy brain teasers.

Level two might take a little more time out of your day than the first, but natural game players may find this obvious. Games like word searches to trivia games and anagrams to cryptograms are included in second level to offer some well-crafted mind challenges. Players who refer themselves as Geniuses can check their skills for complex thinking and flex their brain muscles more by playing extra tough and more time intensive games of second level.

In sum, the site is interesting for all whether you switch on to the site just to pass the time constructively or struggling to improve skills. It is good if you have vast vocabulary knowledge and a mind to solve the critical puzzle, if not so, then also nothing to worry, you still can dive in with a life belt of Google search. Almost all word puzzle games come with this facility right on the same page and help you to figure out them easily and quickly without making separate search for your difficulties.

The site uses very simple format for games, many of them are word puzzles which deal with antonyms or synonyms with a fill-in-the-blank type of format. It makes it easy for player to solve puzzle by providing a few meant to build up your word and also provide brief description about how to play game on the same page. A thing which is important to mention here is that the site help you to correct your mistakes at a time as it highlight wrong entries in red.

Sharing is inevitable part of Friendship; this is obvious that whenever you find something best you would like to share it with your close ones. Relatively, while you access on Agameaday.com, if you find it interesting and helpful to your BFF (best friends forever) or others then you can pass it on to them easily just with a click on upper most button of Share. How would you feel when they appreciate you for informing such a great experience they have ever enjoyed!

This is one of the simplest sites as there is no sign-up required, no hassles and no contract statements for playing the games on the site. Optionally, players can see a “Guest Book,” it requests only first name, email address, state and age, and doesn’t require any personal information or interaction between players and itself.

Parents are concerned while their kids are playing online games, but here nothing like this because this game site doesn’t have the shooting, violence and guts. The game site makes use of puzzles and games only to encourage critical thinking and support the development of problem solving skills. Both are enough to provide students with a context in which to implement learned skills, apply knowledge and generate curiosity. Meanwhile, such activities help player to warm up the brain and increase their concentration power and attention span.

Certainly, this game site doesn’t have extravagant graphics, videos, or stylish things like other top game sites, but it is proven excellent in terms of increasing memory, critical thinking and problem solving-type exercises as well as works great by raising spelling, grammar, rhyming or vocabulary skills. You may be glad to know that Agameaday.com is an award winning site.

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Considering this site a valuable one in terms of education; there are many magazine publishers who are seeking to invite it on their pages and also there are more than 1000 sites (including hundreds of schools and school libraries) link to Agameaday.com across the world. At least try this FREE award-winning and educational game site once, you will surely experience a great fun and challenges by playing brand new games every time.


  • Free to use
  • Provides education with entertainment
  • Huge varieties of puzzles and games
  • New Game for Each day of the month
  • For every one of age between 9 to 99
  • Offers games in Level I and Level II
  • Works great by raising spelling, grammar, rhyming or vocabulary skills
  • Stimulate memory power and encourage critical thinking
  • Systematically arranged Monthly online calendar to see a game for particular day
  • Games for the month are available at all times
  • Users can play any game listed for the preceding days from the current day
  • Provides life belt of Google search for most of the word puzzles
  • Each game and puzzle comes with brief description about how to play game
  • Highlights wrong entries in red
  • Sharing can be easy with upper most Share button
  • No sign-ups to play games on the site
  • Doesn’t contain the shooting, violence and guts which are harmful to kids
  • Doesn’t require any personal information or interaction with players
  • An award winning educational site
  • Publishes in many popular magazines
  • Many schools and school libraries link to the site
  • Offers well-crafted mind challenges for Genius Players to improve their skills for complex thinking


  • No games for weekends

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