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5vor12.de – Send free SMS German Website

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5vor12.de is one of the largest platforms for Free SMS for many years, it’s a German website. Both free SMS & fee-based services such as professional SMS and retrieval of mobile content are used in the mobile specific target group.

5vor12.de – Send free SMS German Website

Another focus of 5vor12.de is on DSL provider comparison. The features of 5vor12.de are given below.

  • 5vor12.de – Free-SMS without registration
  • Send free SMS daily
  • No cost, no fees, no subscription
  • 50 000 free SMS per day available
  • constantly new free SMS quota

Navigations of 5vor12.de


Profi-SMS includes some important links like feedback, FAQ, price list, AGB, Information.

Free-SMS Free SMS:

Free SMS to all German mobile networks to send messages. You just have to enter the telephone numbers with area code and number.

Mobile news:

In Mobile news, you can find about all offers that offered on this site.

Discount Fares:

On this page, they offer an overview of the current rates and offer the popular mobile Discounter. They offer start-up costs, costs of call minutes and SMS without fee, without minimum charge, no contract and uniform tariffs around the Clock.

Search & Find:

Price Comparison: A comprehensive price comparison is offered for almost all products from the Internet. Browse cheap deals in product catalog, or try its search.


You can count the winners: The big prize game 5vor12 database gives hilt, fast competition on the Internet to find the appropriate.

Job Search:

Here you can search the jobs.

FAQ option in the bottom of the page for finding the contents of their pages are most important questions and answers. You are allowed to send feedback if you have suggestions for more FAQs.

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