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Consumercellular.com No Contract Cell Phones & Wireless Plans

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Consumer Cellular provides cellular phones and services nationwide. The official website of Consumer Cellular is www.consumercellular.com, which offers No Contract Cell Phones and Wireless Plans to its customer. So don’t forget to check out this website if you are searching for high quality cell phones with freedom and service at affordable price.

Consumercellular.com No Contract Cell Phones & Wireless Plans

Consumer Cellular

In October 1995, Consumer Cellular was founded by John Marick and Greg Pryor. It headquartered in Portland, Oregon USA. It specializes in cell phone plans for seniors and most recently it has brought the Doro phone, a cellular phone that designed for seniors to its network. On November 3rd, 2009, the Consumer Cellular’s Doro phone has declared by the New York Times Gadgetwise blog as a good option for seniors.

Now, wireless plans are also available for those seniors who would like to have a cell phone but do not need all of the extras and high costs associated with many of the current cell plans and providers.

Consumer Cellular wireless plans

Consumer Cellular provides a variety of low cost cellular wireless plans that are simple, inexpensive. It is not specially for seniors. These cell phone plans will be a great alternative for those who would like to have a cell phone in case of emergencies or while traveling.

Consumer Cellular coverage is essentially the same as the other cellular companies, because they purchases airtime from the other leading wireless providers and then repackages those minutes into its own service plans.

No long term contracts and “Risk Free Satisfaction Guarantee” are the great advantages which you can achieve with Consumer Cellular. This allows trying the service for 30 days or 30 minutes of usage, whichever comes first, and if you are not satisfied with the service you can cancel and pay nothing. The plans are simple and easy to understand, start at $10 per month and there are no charges for long distance or roaming. Your plan will be change anytime you want. You can add an extra phone to the same plan for $10. There is a $35 activation fee.

Plans Costs and Details:

  • Plans start at $10 per month
  • $.25 per minute for additional minutes
  • No long term contract
  • $35 one-time activation fee
  • Voicemail is free, but airtime charges apply
  • Text messaging available, but charges apply
  • No charges for switching plans
  • Can keep current cell phone number
  • No roaming or long distance charges

Available Plans:

1. Anywhere Casual: $10/monthly fee – No Minutes Included – $0.25 for each minute
2. Anywhere 250: $20/monthly fee – 250 Minutes – $0.25 for each minute
3. Anywhere 500: $30/monthly fee – 500 Minutes – $0.25 for each minute
4. Anywhere 1000: $40/monthly fee – 1000 Minutes – $0.25 for each minute
5. Anywhere 1500: $50/monthly fee – 1500 Minutes – $0.25 for each minute
6. Anywhere 2000: $60/monthly fee – 2000 Minutes – $0.10 for each minute

You can get the complete details of Consumer Cellular plans & phones on www.consumercellular.com.

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  1. Cammie Scheerer says:

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  2. Sima Frerking says:

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  3. Christina says:

    Just5 is another cell phone for seniors that is worthy to be checked out. Like Consumer Cellular, this phone doesn’t come a contract too. However, Just5 is equipped with more competitive features such as a very reliable personal emergency system and long lasting battery. More details about this phone can be learned at just5.com.

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