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Listia.com: Leave your old stuff and Get New for Free!

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Everyone loves free items, whatever it may be either toys, cards, gifts, clothing or else. If you are also interested to give and get stuffs for free, then Listia.com is the right site to visit. It is a new kind of online auction site which makes it really simple for people to leave stuff they don’t use and obtain new things they want. It’s the place to bid with Credits rather than real money. The site’s own currency “credits” could be gathered by signing up, listing items, referring friends, etc. Just a certain amount of points/credits are required to take part in auctions. Person, who bids the most points and desires the item the most, will be the winner. No need to deal with several emails.

Listia.com: Leave your old stuff and Get New for Free!

Listia was founded by Gee Chuang and James Fong in June 2009. Since then, the site is constantly growing and adding new features. Users can really like the no money needed approach of Listia. Listia not only helps to offer up the items user no longer crave, it also prevents items from becoming household mess or winding up in a landfill. A brightly colored design is being used by the site, which provides the Listia website a lighthearted feel. Full color images are given for auctions, with highlighted stuff available on the homepage. As well, anyone can support his/her favorite charity by donating stuff they no longer want.

How it works?

Create an account and earn credits:

Register on the site using your existing Facebook account or go for the usual route and fill up the short Listia registration form. You will soon get confirmation email about your registration. All new users will get 500 credits to begin for a limited time. Note that initially you will receive 400 free credits after signing up while 100 free credits after listing your first item. There are many other ways to get credits including invite friends (200 credits + 20% bonus), connect with Facebook or Twitter (50 credits) and more. Start giving away your stuff is the wonderful way to get the most credits. Find something around the home or office and give away items that you don’t use anymore such as DVDs, electronics, books, etc. Now let’s see how to list an auction.

Process to list an auction:

Mention title, choose category from arts & crafts, baby, books, cars, cell phone, cameras, computers & networking, electronics, jewelry & watches, video games or other stuff. Add clear photos in order to attract users to visit your listing and optimistically put a bid. Then enter description and location. Shipping detail is very significant to include in your listing so select from three methods – Local pickup, Ship within US, and Ship Internationally. Tick mark on Auto Relist if you wish. Also, check out advanced options to view further info like Start Bid, Get It Now and # of Days. All opening bids can range among 0 – 100 credits. After providing all necessary info, press on ‘submit’ to begin your auction.

Listia.com: Leave your old stuff and Get New for Free!

Once lister lists the item, he/she wishes to give away, other users bid their credits on it. The more well-liked your listing is, the more credits your auction will settle on. The highest bidder wins the item. Automatically the credits are transferred to the lister’s account. Then lister can use those credits to bid for stuff he/she crave from the other users. Also, users might donate earned credits to the charity of their choice.

Following points must be taken into consideration by buyers and sellers.


  1. Before bidding, read carefully auction details and description.
  2. The safest mode to pay for shipping is PayPal. Avoid using checks, cash, or money orders for shipping.
  3. After you win an auction, give the stored Shipping Address for the Seller. Avoid manually providing your address in auction messages or emails.
  4. Communicate your payment and shipping details to the seller within 7 days after winning stuff.


  1. Enter concise auction titles, clear images, and a detailed description.
  2. Choose from 3 shipping methods: Free Shipping, Exact Shipping, Flat Rate Shipping.
  3. Agree to pursue through on your auction despite of the final bid amount.
  4. After auction ends, permit 7 days to hear back from buyer prior to relisting.
  5. For secure delivery, securely package item(s).

Positive points:

  • Online marketplace for people to give and get stuff – all for free.
  • No need of actual money in its auction system.
  • List items that you don’t need any more, and earn credits.
  • To acquire stuff you require, use your credits.
  • Get registered on the site and get 500 credits.
  • Lots of other ways to earn Credits like referring friends.
  • Option to donate earned credits to charity.
  • Bidding and buying is quite easy.
  • Provides items with detailed description.
  • Items are divided in categories.
  • Narrow down the search using Search box.
  • Use proxy bidding or tiered bidding systems.

Negative points:

  • Registration is necessary to submit an item.
  • Lack of advanced features and functionality.
  • Selection of charities is very limited (more will be added soon, as per the company).

Overview of Listia.com FREE STUFF! video from youtube:

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