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MySkillstutor.com – A site for SkillsTutor Log In

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SkillsTutor is delivered online and can be used as a teacher-aided instructional instrument. To enhance the K-Adult students’ skills at school or at home, www.myskillstutor.com is planned. With the help of this site teachers are able to set up a class, generate an assignment and student detail reports, etc. You can use the Skills Tutor website from any computer with internet facility. Read more to know how to login and register at MySkillstutor.

MySkillstutor.com - A site for SkillsTutor Log In

About Skillstutor:

Online syllabus of SkillsTutor offers instruction and intervention for the classroom. It is more useful at home and adult education. Lessons and activities like reading, language arts, writing, math, science, information skills, and workforce readiness are accessible anytime. It also supports teacher initiatives for continuous enhancement, encourage student achievement and career preparedness.

How to register in www.MySkillstutor.com website?

For registration process, you have to go on skillstutor.com. You can see on the bottom of the page- three options like view all products, sample lesson, and see your state. Now choose ‘sample lesson’ alternative and fill up the information like name, first name, school or institution, job function, etc. and press on ‘submit’ option. Once you registered, you can sign in any time.

How to log in?

Teachers can sign in to create a class, give assignments and print reports. If you are parents then login to the site, you can use the username, password, and siteID from your child’s teacher.

When you sign in you get the menus such as classes, reports, view activity, teacher’s properties, view tutorials, view guides and worksheet. If you are teacher then you can view activities of students, their reports and guide them. If you are students, then you can show your reports and mark sheet.

On the left side of log in page ‘home’ option is available for you. When you enter in the home page of the site, six navigations are presented, named as home, products and service, alignments, best practices, resource library, and support center. On the homepage, you get more details about Skills tutor. If you go for ‘products & services’ menu, then you will get list about product and service on the left side of the page. ‘Products’ include lessons, writing series, reading series, science series, etc. onsite training, virtual training etc can be seen under the heading of ‘services.’ To obtain more information, click on the alternative separately.

In the ‘best practices,’ you will see seven options. If you go for any of them, then you will get the information according to it. In the ‘resource library’, tools like white paper and research, testimonial, events and more are displayed. If you want any type of support such as skill tutor, math fact fluency, etc. then select the ‘support center’ navigation.

Technical Support and Customer Service: Email or call directly at 1-888-764-2446.

Sales: Contact your Educational Account Manager or call at 1-888-391-3245.

Source: http://www.myskillstutor.com/login.jsp

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