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Now, students can enjoy maths subject and improve their mathematics skills and results by using www.Mathletics.co.uk which is an online math program for Kindergarten. At the site, students can practice various maths topics, get many methods to solve maths problem and also get detailed information about its 12 year programs with step by step guide. It is an effective and exciting way to improve your maths and also you can practice math’s problems both at home and at school, or anywhere.

www.Mathletics.co.uk - Learn and Enjoy Maths

Mathletics is an online math practice system, created by the team of the passionate educators and programmers. Recently it has become one of the world’s most used educational websites for providing online learning resources to help students enjoy Mathematics and improve their results. It includes the complete primary and secondary program. Mathletics is developed in Australia but used all over the world by schools in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, USA, South Africa, China and other Asian countries. It provides effective learning resources using cutting edge technology and using the knowledge of experienced educators, e-learning publishers and developers. Their implementation team works together with schools to ensure that Mathletics is successfully included into the presented school programme. The main objective of the Mathletics is to connect every student every day with a personalized, responsive, intelligent, and challenging learning resource. It covers the key stage 1 to A level National curriculum framework.

Benefits of Mathletics for schools

  • Improved results
  • Students love Mathletics
  • Students have access to Mathletics 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Students are engaged and motivated to learn
  • Provides the perfect link between home and school, where results flow seamlessly
  • Easy to use
  • Provides immediate feedback to students, teachers and parents
  • Visually supports every curriculum concept
  • 24 hour access at both home and school

The appearance of the site is very attractive with flashing section. When you visit the site, you will get main navigation at top side that include home, about Mathletics, case studies, schools, purchase and sign in. Students love Mathletics because every day it is used by more than 100000 students. Students are able to work through the curriculum at their own pace. The site also provides a feedback service to get the suggestions of the teachers, students and parents about their services.

Features of Mathletics

  • Automatic marking
  • Customize content to suit student needs
  • Set class and homework tasks in seconds
  • On-line report generation
  • Upto the minute records of student

How to get the most out of Mathletics?

  • Encourage your child to use mathletics 3 to 5 times a week.
  • If the course is too difficult or too easy, then change to a more appropriate course.
  • Take an active role in your child’s mathematics progress.
  • Encourage a balance between the full curriculum section and live mathletics.
  • Take time to work together with your child. The support center in each activity will help show how to solve a particular problem.
  • Encourage your child to do activities that challenge, rather than he/she find easy.

At the about section, users will get information about mathletics, its curriculum programs, read students review, and minimum requirements details. The Mathletics provides 12 year curriculum programs; at homepage you will get every year curriculum details with topics. The students, parents and also school owners can read some schools case studies details from the site. For the students, site offers students center, from where students get details of live Mathletics, activities, learning game, E Rainforest Maths, The Animated Maths Dictionary, Points and Certificates and reports. To get the benefits of students center, they need to login at the site. For logging, enter your username and password and enter Face Maker and click on boys or girls.

Contact details

1 John Street
City center
Bristol, BS1 2HR
United Kingdom
Email: customerservice@3plearning.co.uk
Phone: +44 117 370 1990
Fax: +44 870 123 6359

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