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LEAD e-Learning portal is a flagship product of Learning EDvantage (LEAD), which is now become a part of Marshall Cavendish Publishing Group and considered as Marshall Cavendish Online. It is one of the largest e-Learning solution and service provider in Singapore. Marshall Cavendish provides LEAD e-Learning portal, a full featured e-Learning platform that is used by more than 120 schools and 200,000 students in Singapore. To get access the LEAD e-Learning portal from Marshall Cavendish, you need to login at www.Lead.com.sg with login ID, school ID and Password.

www.Lead.com.sg : LEAD e-Learning portal from Marshall Cavendish

In addition of providing e-learning platform with exceptional standards for schools, LEAD portal also provides the means for students to excel by making schoolwork enjoyable and fun through the creative use of technology. LEAD Primary and Secondary School subjects include: Mathematics, Science, Humanities and Language subjects.

Enter in the official website of Marshall Cavendish Online at www.lead.com.sg, which is available in both languages, English and Chinese. On the homepage, you will see four main navigation Home, About us, Products &Services and Contact us placed on the right upper side of the page. Look at the center of site, the slideshow consist different messages like Happy New Year in English and Chinese to all the customers. The bottom place is divided into three parts, Events and news, Our newsletters, and Products and services. At the other side, website also contains important tools that provide easy way of quick accessing platform to all customers by login in to their own online accounts. If you are looking for online educational services, then you should consider about Lead because it offers many learning material series including channel series, buddy series, oral buddy, writing buddy, etc.

How to login for LEAD e-Learning portal?

For LEAD e-Learning portal login, users are needed to enter following login details at official website of Marshall Cavendish Online at www.lead.com.sg.

  • User ID- NRIC number (e.g.: S9123456A)
  • School ID -schooled (e.g.: abss)
  • Password -NRIC number

If you have query and question related to LEAD e-Learning portal, then call on (65) 6777 5198 or email at helpdesk@mconlin.

Products and Services of LEAD:

You can download various LEAD’s product from the official website. Before downloading, you can also view their free trial demos. Learning EDvantage (LEAD) product line includes content, LMS and various additional services.

LEAD content:

English Writing Buddy:

You can get sharpen writing skills with crafting skills and strategies through English Writing Buddy.

English Oral Buddy:

English Oral Buddy assists you to increase confidence in oral assessments by exercising organized thoughts and sharpen oral presentation skills.

Channel Series:

The LEAD portal is available with large repository of pedagogically sound curriculum-based interactive courseware for self-directed learning.


Maths content of Marshall Cavendish Online enables students getting fundamental Maths abilities through accepting the Concrete Pictorial Abstract (CPA) approach in tutorials, activities and quizzes development.


For Science, LEAD e-curriculum accepts an inquiry-based learning approach and assists the use of BSCS (Biology Science Curriculum Study) and 5E (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate) instructional model in teaching.

Reading Stars:

Marshall Cavendish Education’s product “My Pals Are Here – Reading Stars” is adapted on the LEAD platform, which provides interactive multimedia guided reading programme for pupils to listen to and learn as they read, and include assessment feature for teachers to assess the pupils’ progress.


For understanding the command of the language, the Chinese courseware is designed to help students through a range of interactive multimedia tutorials and activities.

Chinese Writing Buddy:

“Writing out of” is to teach students how to write a composition of multimedia learning software. The learning software in addition to a range of writing style allows students to understand and also equip students with a variety of writing skills. “Writing out of” also offers a range of practice activities for students with Pham Van reference to training and strengthening the writing skills of students.

Chinese Oral Buddy:

The development of oral and multimedia learning software is offered in Chinese Oral for helping students cope. Additionally, to the receipt of the latest interview of students, the oral project design can guide students in oral skills, gradually to strengthen their language skills.


LEAD Learning Management System (LEAD Portal):

A feature-rich Learning Management System that delivers, tracks and manages online learning.

Google Apps Education Edition:

Google Apps Education Edition is a value-added service for LEAD users to leverage the use of LEAD LMS with a variety of collaborative learning and communication tools from Google.

LEAD Services

ICT Training:

With a strong focus on constant learning and upgrading and committed curricular and pedagogical support from Marshall-Cavendish that is a pioneer in educational publications, LEAD ICT educators offer unrivaled integrity in providing integrated ICT education to client schools.

Trail Buddy (Buddy Series):

Besides the classroom, learning trails are a great means to enable learning opportunities. Marshall Cavendish Online design and develop Interactive Learning Trails with schools to maximize the functionality and flexibility of smartphones.

Source: www.lead.com.sg

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