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WatchKnowLearn.org – Free Educational videos for Students

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Boost up your KID’S Learning through countless educational Videos of WatchKnowLearn.com! The site provides FREE but an incredible educational resource for students across the world. Kids have fond of watching TV, playing computer games, etc. and no doubt, all these spoil their studies very badly. On the other hand, if you modify the same way in some particular aspects then it will surely work great for kids. For example, learning from those complex books may bore the children, conversely, it done much better if the same knowledge would be presented through videos or video clips in the most entertainment way.

WatchKnowLearn.org - Free Educational videos for Students

WatchKnowLearn agrees with this thing and combines the education and today’s mind blowing technology in such a way that completely revolutionizes the way of learning. Nothing to worry about WatchKnowLearn videos as all those videos are Kid Safe and highly qualitative. Just get in touch with this Super directory and make your kid’s learning Easyyyy and Entertaininggggg too.

WatchKnowLearn has started its journey in 2007 and is developing with each passing day as it boasted 10,000 videos in 2009 and those were exceeded to 20,000 videos in its directory in 2010. The site is based on leading source like Watch Know, YouTube, Google Video, National geographic, Teacher tube and many more. Users can make their search by selecting particular source also. The site has placed its history as well as expecting future which help users to know what they get on the site or what they would get in coming days also.

The site offers such a wide range of 20,000+ educational videos and all these categorized in more systematic way (in about 3,000+ categories), so that kids may get their search within a click only. The search can be done very easily as all videos are classified by considering their subject. Moreover, video titles, ratings, descriptions, and age level information are edited to each video for the user’s convenience.

The site values the student‘s time and doesn’t require any type of registration and login to get an access through videos. Kids don’t need to rush to their teachers or class while they are confusing in any type of educational queries as videos are available for 24/7 at WatchKnowLearn.com. They can solve their educational queries from the comfort of their home and concentrate on their study without wasting their time here and there.

Most of the subjects are covered by WatchKnowLearn; it is acquainted with language, science, mathematics, history, arts, life skills, astronomy, space explorations, philosophy, ethics, computer, technology, Practical Skills, Pedagogy along with arts and crafts. Thus, it is such a giant directory of educational videos for K-12 students. This website also invites extensive participation in a new kind of wiki system that is guided by teachers. Also, the site gets millions of positive response from educators across the globe.

Scene effects more deeply than words or letters; whatever we see has great impact on our mind, especially when mind is in its growing stage. Education means to nothing while it would be mugged up only, understanding of things in a proper way is essential for real education. Educational Videos are too good to clear out the study related topics or the most easy way for kids to learn their subjects effectively.

Vision, Discussion, Press matters, log changing, etc. are placed on separate pages so that users get their thing topic wise as well as in direct manner. Leader Board is one of the best things about the site, through which site members can get a chance to add kinds of videos which are not available at the site yet. Other users can also thank the member for linking such type of useful videos to the site. Kids who crossed over their 13 years can be eligible to create their own account at the site. Three options for creating account are available at the site; users can select from Simple, Confirmed and Contest account and have to follow given instructions.

Criticism or suggestions are always welcomed by the site at contact page. In case, you have any questions regards to WatchKnowLearn service, then also connect to the same page. The Rave page contains the enormous amount of reviews which are given by their regular users. Every matter related with Kids linked with responsibilities too. WatchKnowLearn understands the thing and has created the separate page for the parents also. This page includes some useful tips which may help parents to make safe use of educational videos. Result of your search can also be narrowed by users in categories like Featured, Most viewed, recently posted, Highest rated, and recently commented.

Aim of the site is to spread out equal education using the global way. Online learning is common now-a-days, but WatchKnowLearn offers one stop solution as it is equipped with videos which cover all major educational topics from elementary to secondary schools. No matter whether your kids have just started their reading or are confusing in their career development because WatchKnowLearn has organized its structure by keeping in mind the needs and requirement of kids whose age range between 1 – 18. So, grow up your KIDS with WatchKnowLearn.org as it is well organized Education World, which is especially designed to provide a most Kiddyyy way of learning via thousands of hand-picked K-12 educational videos.


  • 100% Free to watch videos
  • No registration required to access the videos
  • Tips regards to safe usage of the site are available for the parents
  • Members can add videos on leader board page
  • Giant directory of 20,000 educational videos
  • Easy and Entertaining way of learning
  • Kid Safe and highly qualitative videos
  • Supported by leading sources
  • 3,000+ categories for Videos
  • Search can be done on subject and age level
  • Covers most of the subjects of K- 12 class
  • Discussion can be listed at the site for the viewed video
  • Log changing details shown at the separate page
  • Three options for creating account


  • Only 13 years old kids are able to create account
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