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TrustedAudioBooks.com – Big Collection of audio books to listen online

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At present, person reads average 5 books but listen average 16 audio books per year… because listening to books rather than reading them gives an opportunity to learn and consume more information in a very short period of time. Listening to books in audio form comes with lots of unexpected benefits including – increase vocabulary skills, improves speaking and writing skills, save time or space, keep up with your favorite writer’s new work, as well as best for people with visual disabilities, travelers, multitasking individuals, etc. It is the perfect way to add the time to enjoy books into your busy schedule, and even far convenient than typical hardcover or paperback book to bring it anywhere. There are many online sources to listen to audio books, but here we are talking about Trustedaudiobooks.com that gives idea about books through its preview. The search for audio books may not always get you the best title that you want, but not worry now with TrustedAudioBooks.com as it welcomes users to search audio books by rate, release date and popularity.

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TrustedAudioBooks.com - Big Collection of audio books to listen online

Listen to more than 5,532 audio previews of very best, most reviewed, highest rated audio books at TrustedAudioBooks.com. The books come from 2212 authors, 1576 top narrators and 130 publishers. It is the creation of Peter Brady for helping those who are finding best title for reading. At this place, you can enjoy preview of audio books before downloading and get idea about the story of books. TrustedAudioBook is the best place for those who are searching for free audio books, and spending an insane amount of time for accessing reviews of audio book on Amazon, Audible, iTunes and various blogs.

TrustedAudioBooks is just for enjoying preview of books, so you cannot download the books directly from the site. The previews are offered by Audible, Amazon and iTunes, but site brings you towards only those books that more people have rated with at least 4 out of 5 stars at the wonderful Audible.com. The homepage of the site is loaded with list of books that can be filtered by recently added, release date, rating and popularity.

Like other search engines, you can locate the audio books by entering keywords on the top side search engine. No more steps….no need of registration…for listening to audio books. You just need to click on audio book image and then hit ‘Preview’ to start listening to your trusted audio book. In addition to search preview of best title, it also allows users to create playlists of their favorite audiobook previews, which keep on playing as you browse the website.

Each audio book can be accessed with overall ratings, listener reviews and release date. You can access books by their popularity. You must keep in mind most important thing that the previews will play one after another and uninterrupted. No need of wondering one place to another for searching most recent audio books, as here you can access recently added audio books too. Users of the site can download the books by hitting link of Audible, which is available with each book.

At present, the audio book online format has become more popular to enjoy listening to audio books online due to so many notable advancements. As well, the market of audio books is increasing day by day. Overall, TrustedAudioBooks is best site for creators of audio books, authors and publishers to promote books with previews and get more viewers in short time.


  • Listen to preview of audio books
  • You can access most rated audio books
  • Filter the list of audio books by release date, popularity, recently added and ratings
  • Offers only best audio books from Audible
  • Create a playlist of audio books for playing continuously
  • Best for authors and publishers to promote their books with preview
  • Search books by keywords

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