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Now-a-days, people can fulfill their almost needs such as watch TV, pay bills, play music, and read news on computer with internet connection. For students, an online version of school textbooks prescribed for the primary, secondary and higher secondary schools in Tamil Nadu are recently launched by Tamil Nadu government. From Class first to twelfth of the Tamil Nadu State Board, the website, www.textbooksonline.tn.nic.in has the complete contents of all the 322 textbooks in PDF format. Not only for Tamil Nadu state students but also for other states and students living abroad, these textbooks are available in English and Tamil languages. For faster download, these books are divided into chapters. From Tamil Nadu State Board, this is a great move and would trigger other states board to launch their textbooks online.

Department of School Education, Government of Tamilnadu is carrying lot of changes in the educational field with technical advancements. Government of Tamilnadu’s novel innovation contains textbooks for state and matriculation syllabus.

For NRIs, online textbooks facility is a boon because it gives golden opportunity for their children without counting their age to learn their mother tongue, from any corner of the globe. Online textbooks facility is being joined children to their roots.

Download the Online textbooks of Tamil Nadu State Board:

For downloading the books, visit www.textbooksonline.tn.nic.in website and click on the class, whose textbook you want to download. When you click on the class, you will see the page, where all subjects of that class are available. Click on the subject and the full textbook will be seen. For saving the book for future reading, click on “Saves as” option in the File Menu and select the location, in which you want to save this book and entire book will save in the selected location. You need Acrobat Reader 6.0 or above to open and read the textbooks because all the books are available as PDF version.

Government of Tamilnadu online TextBooks portal gives all English Textbooks with Audio Enabled feature so the people with low vision can also read it easily. To read textbook at TextBooksOnline.tn.nic.in you need to open it in Acrobat Reader 6.0 and then use following “Text To Speech (TTS)” options:

To view use Alt+V and to read out loud use Alt+a.  Activation and deactivation is done by using  ‘Shift+Ctrl+Y’ or ‘Alt + A’. To read only a page use ‘Shift+Ctrl+V’ or ‘Alt+O’, to read end of document press ‘Shift+Ctrl+B’ or ‘Alt+E’. And finally Pause and stop are done by pressing Shift+Ctrl+C(Alt + P) and Shift+Ctrl+E(Alt + S) respectively.

TextBooksOnline.tn.nic.in also offers download facilities for textbook to enjoy reading all texts offline.

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