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Teachyourmonstertoread.com: Reading Games for Kids who Begin Read

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Here’s a great resource for kids who have started to show interest in books. For beginner readers, Teach Your Monster to Read: First Steps is a new, free online game which intended to help kids to practice the essential first steps of reading in a new and exciting way. At the website (Teachyourmonstertoread.com), kids are able to make their own customized monsters and play all types of fun games to learn to read. What’s amazing is that as kids play games, they can also win prizes as well as travel to new islands and levels. If you haven’t tried this outstanding online reading game, then do so NOW!

teachyourmonstertoread.com - Teach your kids to read with fun games

Teach Your Monster to Read provides a good way to make learning to read trouble-free for both parents and children. If you teach preschoolers or early learners, then this is a great reading resource. Teach Your Monster to Read: First Steps provides a new approach to reading instruction. The game is courtesy of a funding from the USborne Foundation.

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The game is set up on the standards of synthetic phonics and pursues the teaching series of the Letters and Sounds programme. Besides identifying letters and sounds, the game teaches kids to blend and segment, and even introduces “tricky” words in a fun, interactive setting. The game develops kid’s swiftness and accuracy of letter identification by taking them on an incredible adventure through a magical world where they meet island kings and gather letters to win prizes.

The website has some lovely graphical touches, and games are clear and easy to access. The games are intended to young kids – those who are on track and those who require additional support and inspiration in at the first stages of learning to read. The game can be played independently by kids either at home or in school. Each kid can be set up with their own login, so that the game can follow their progress over time. Both teachers and parents can see the progress report of the kids.

The game features the voice of Simon Farnaby from BBC’s Horrible Histories. As the game considers a different approach, here the major focus is the narrative – kid has to adopt a monster, who has crashed his spaceship in a strange land. Adopt the monster from the Teach Your Monster to Read game or from your view – it can be friendly, spooky, scary or silly! Kids must direct him through a range of islands; practicing letters to assist him read his handbook, rebuild his craft and fly home. Along the path, they earn prizes like jello, cakes, hats and also underwear for their monsters to wear, etc., and work towards setting up their monsters’ space ships to send them home at the end of the game.

Overall, the game promotes learning below things:

– Identifying letters by sight
– Identifying letters by sound
– Pronouncing letter sounds
– Blending sounds to make words
– Reading skills
– Word building skills


The game is superb as it pursues the rules of teaching Phonics through a systematic and meaningful approach. Just like various Phonics programs used in good schools, the letters are introduced in the same way. This is a fantastic reading resource, above all, it’s free to use. No fear for teachers who have a budget to stick within or for parents whose bank balance is dipping with all the new Apps and gizmos that kids need todays.

Good points:

  • Lots of reading games for kids who begin reading
  • Kids will love the ‘game’ element of learning
  • Games are available completely free to play
  • Synthetic phonics in an appealing, fun and progressive game
  • Kids can build their knowledge of letter sounds and spelling
  • Kids will get great fun rewards in the game
  • Games develop kid’s speed and accuracy of letter recognition
  • Teachers and parents get the progress report of the kids

Take a look at trailer video of Teach Your Monster to Read from Youtube:

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