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Sokratik.com – Create Visual Narratives with your voice

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Fear of talking in front of a crowd? If so, then now you don’t need to describe your presentation in words in front of people, as Sokratik.com allows you to create audio visual presentations on any topic within minutes.

Giving a great presentation in front of large audience is really tough task; it requires significant research, presentation skill, and self confidence. Whether you are a sales man delivering sales presentation, a best man giving wedding speech, or a student giving presentation, you must have a good public speaking skill to be successful. Still, many people have a fear of public speaking even though individually they have got the capacity to impress others …that’s why they take help of image and video presentations. Today, fear of public speaking is ranked higher than the fear of death…but now you don’t need to fear about presentation. Thanks to “Sokratik.com”, where you can create presentation on any topic by adding image, video and audio. After each slide, you can record your voice so that you don’t have to face any audience during your presentation.

Showing presentation with confidence

Sokratik is really great platform to create amazing presentation with image, audio and video. These days, it is used by people around the world. Teachers are using this platform to implement project-based learning; bloggers are using it to generate video-blogs; businesses are using it to explain videos for marketing; and parents are using it to create stories for children. Everyone use this platform for different purposes. Sokratik gives people an opportunity to overcome their fear of public speaking.

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You don’t have to register or login to create a presentation on Sokratik.com. You just have to click on “Create’ and then hit the ‘Get started’ button on the main page that brings you on dashboard page. It has user-friendly dashboard that gives clear idea about how to create a presentation. You can create an amazing and useful presentation within minutes.

Follow these guidelines to make a presentation:

First add title of your presentation that you want to create here.

Second hit image icon to upload an image. There are two options to upload image – either from computer or through image URL. Choose anyone to upload image.

You can add more images into your presentation through Add image option, given on left-side corner.

You can also add video into your presentation just by entering YouTube link.

Hit full-screen option to see image properly. If you have uploaded wrong image in your presentation, then don’t worry, you can delete it very easily.

There are three lines to add text about topic of your presentation. By adding text, you can explain your presentation very easily.

It gives recording option on right side, connect microphone to your PC and record your voice.

Once you have created your presentation, login to the site to save it. You can connect with the site either through social networking platform like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter or by creating an account on the site.

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