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ProblemSums.com – Solve maths Problem & Master your Skill

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In the recent time, children fear about mathematic subject, they face many difficulties to solve maths problem. But now they can become happy, because they can increase confidence and mastery in problem sums skills by using ProblemSums.com, where they can have total 7,425 problem sums questions with complete worked solutions. At this site, your child can have 7 Step-by-step solutions for all questions closely hold to MOE syllabus using heuristics, models and diagrams, making learning problem sums easy and effective.

ProblemSums.com - Solve maths Problem & Master your Skill

At the ProblemSums.com, you will get main navigation at top side including home, contact, and partners. The site looks very simple yet attractive with cute doggie, which moves eyes when you fly cursor around the home page. If you want to listen its voice then click on listen section which is given on upper side of it. ProblemSums.com gives 75 per skill level tweaked with 99 times total 7,425 questions with complete solutions at every level.

The main purpose of the site is to help you understand and find out if your child has the necessary abilities to do the task given, and not discussing about the complexity of the questions. With this question, you can improve your child confidence and also see below improvement:

  • Skill progress
  • Test get better
  • Result will improve

The site owned by the SLTG Company and its motto is: “Imagination is more important than knowledge“. The SLTG also owns another site, pamath.com. To get benefits of the site, you need to login in the site with user ID and Password. From the ProblemSums.com, you can watch full introduction video of ProblemSums.com. You can also read number of comments at the left side.

Contact details:

Technical Support

Telephone: 6300 0720
Email: support@sltg.com.sg

Email Addresses

School Inquiries: schools@sltg.com.sg
Business Inquiries: business@sltg.com.sg
Media Inquiries: media@sltg.com.sg
Career Inquiries: hr@sltg.com.sg

Other Information

Fax: (+65) 67258377

Company Information

Limited Exempt Private Company
Company Website: sltg.com.sg

Introduction video of ProblemSums.com from youtube:

Source: http://www.problemsums.com/index.php

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