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Ownshelf.com: Share, Borrow and Browse Books for your device

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Sharing is caring!!! At present, we share lots of pages like twitter and facebook….so why not share what we are reading presently? E-book is great way to read and share books online, as well it is less expensive than paper book because there are lots of resources used like paper, ink, electricity, and more for printing books. There are several offline and online bookstores to purchase paper books at very cheap price; luckily there are numerous websites that offer bunch of e-books at free of cost. Sharing your favorite e-books with friends is not so easy, but it is no challenge at all when having the paper versions of them. Printed books can be easily picked up, examined and borrowed or rented to friends and family, while it is not possible with e-book. No longer to wait for it now as “OWNSHELF” is here, which allows users to save and share eBooks with friends across devices. Besides sharing, you are able to browse each others’ shelves and use one anothers’ books. It also gives opportunity to download other titles from friends and celebrity lists.

Ownshelf.com: Share, Borrow and Browse Books for your device

Do you want to let somebody use copy of an e-book? Then, Ownshelf is right place for you. The creation of Rick Marazzani is a completely free service, available in beta version. It provides readers with cloud-based solution, which is the best way to show off and share their taste in books online, and discover and read great books. It works as simple Dropbox, which is designed specifically for e-books and includes social aspect for advance discovery. Using this great platform, users can browse friend’s bookshelves and their libraries, lend and borrow DRM-Free ebooks from any device.

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Ownshelf supports the open ePub ebook format (free of DRM – Digital Rights Management protection), so that you can access book from almost all devices. As well, it supports all browsers to browse, manage and transfer books yourself. It is also possible to utilize Ownshelf to distribute copy-written material because it is protected by encryption technology. It offers ebooks from epic tales, classic English literature, to contemporary books on digital culture.

There is no matter which eReader you own or which eBookshop you use because it supports ePub format that makes sharing possible between platforms. You just need to connect your valid facebook account to get started. Enter facebook ID and password to login and get approval from site to use your facebook account for it.

As and when you enter the site, you can upload your files in ePub format, which will appear on bookshelf. It is a social networking platform so that you can share your uploaded e-books with friends and browse the shelves of friends with the click of a button. You can save any books you like into your own shelf and download it as an ePub file to read with the reader device. Some very well-known e-reading platforms such as Kindle and Nook gives lend out option for a limited period of time, but Ownshelf is step forward that gives central hub to users to exchange and find books on their own terms.

For protecting e-books from copyright, it allows users to share only their own books that are in the public domain. To neglect the misuse of the service, it compulsory requires sign up with real names. You can share books only with your real friends who are connected with your facebook account. For making the service more engaging they have added the shelves of Paulo Coelho and MC Lars together with collection of books that afterward turned into movies. The option of borrow appears with each book that you or your friends have uploaded. There is also download option available with each book.

We all know that e-books are environmentally friendly and significantly cheaper than paper books. Here, you can read the interests of others with the click of button. All in all, it’s a great place to share your interest of books with your friends and even learn some important things about life from others’ favorite books.


  • Free of charge
  • Cloud-based network
  • Show your bookshelf to friends
  • Access friends’ shelves
  • Borrow and loan ebooks
  • Access your shelf anywhere and anytime
  • Connect with Facebook to find friends even easier
  • Uses the popular robust ePub format for maximum compatibility
  • Best for publishers
  • Access books of Paulo Coelho and MC Lars
  • For avoiding misuse of the service, use facebook sign up


  • Upload only your own books that are in the public domain.

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