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Livemocha.com: Learning Languages made easy!

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No need to be P-a-u-s-e while travelling to any corner of the world with Livemocha!!! Remove your hesitancy for English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese…..and for any of 35 international languages at this unique language learning platform. Hectic work schedule may not allow you to go for classes, but don’t worry, the E-world offers Livemocha, an online tutor, to learn in the comfort of house. The site is based on the unique system for language learning as it offers language learning through Free Audio\Video Flashcards for vocabulary (preferably with pictures). Additionally, site allows learners to make a personal profile, upload content (cultural exchange), contribute translations, review other members’ work, such as recorded dialogues from lessons; in order to expand the base of available languages.

Livemocha.com: Learning Languages made easy!

Livemocha has been referred to as “the Facebook of foreign languages” because this networking site allows users to connect with a circle of friends, find language exchange partner from all over the world or chat with them; and it provides chance to know their cultures too. Amazingly, you don’t have to pay a single penny for learning new languages; just enroll yourself for a course and be ready for your Online Language Class….totally exclusive from usual real class.

In such a globalizing world, things like Trade, Immigration and Travel are conducted across countries and continents like never ever. Accordingly, it is formed in the powerful desire that shared by people around the world to communicate with one another and understand different cultures around the globe. Livemocha.com works great in same direction and makes people to learn almost any international language they want. This feature really works great for businessmen or for travelers because they frequently go on business trips and have to move across the different countries and continents for their purpose.

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Sometimes, it happens that you are not able to join any class due to busy schedule; then Livemocha is perfect solution for you to be familiar with other new international languages. Here, learners can attend the online class anytime when they are free or even at night. This feature provides distraction free learning and helps you to achieve fluency quickly.

No matter whether you are interested to know few common phrases only (mainly used while traveling), wish to learn complete formation of grammatically correct sentences or wish to have long conversations, as the site has all level courses starting from the beginner to the most advanced users. Both levels are available here; you can make your choice from Basic and Active at the very initial phase.

Important thing to know about the site is that all lessons available at the site are designed to move at the right pace for learner. The entire learning format is divided into 12 different levels starting from amateur to professional (fluent) and each of them are presented and taught in a systematic and effective way. All courses proceed in low to high manner, so that it becomes easy and smooth for learner to clear four levels of Starter, Intermediate, Upper intermediate and Advanced correspondingly.

Every lesson consists of seven parts which are Intro, Learn, Reading, Listening, Magnet, Writing and lastly Speaking. All these contain required explanation in video or text format, funny and easy activities for practice and availability to check answers. Once you completed all your answers, it will be reviewed by other expert members who are active and fluent in that particular language.

Learners have a great fun while learning for the language at Livemocha because when it comes to LEARN time, pictures of different gestures are shown at the site and an audio says what the picture indicates. Generally, picture affects more than a word so that site has placed this feature at its initial phase to boost up confidence of beginner.

Language learning at Livemocha never makes you bored; in fact you may find it exciting and interesting by following activities of Reading, Listening and Magnet. Here, learner needs to pick the right picture that matches the words or translations of their learning language or they have to pick the right picture that matches the playing audio. Afterwards, site asks the learner to follow Writing and Speaking activities at your improving stage.

Easy and convenient access to native speakers is the main advantage of this new web-based educational approach. This allows users to learn from a native speaker without leaving home. At this point, learners are provided with everyday conversation including colloquial speech, exposure to how people actually speak the language, the creation of a massive pool of expertise on a wide variety of languages, increased motivation, and confidence through social contacts.

It is really an admirable thing about the LiveMocha that it allows learners to interact with other users and/or native speakers which they can’t get in a real classroom. At Livemocha, learner can not be a student only but can be a tutor also as it is a language exchange program. Here, learner can also get the chance to review other friends’ submissions, rate them and help them with there mistakes. Moreover, learner can chat with friends from across the globe and seek their help in solving doubts regarding the language; in a way, they get opportunities to learn and practice new languages together. Other members can comment on exercises, which may help learners to correct their mistakes and make out things to work on next time.

The site has been equipped with most advanced way of Video & Audio learning; this might be proven as a funny way of language learning for users. Learner can also prefer a typical text format for their language learning. Recording option confers modern form of learning to the site that enables learner to review their speaking ability; means learners have to read their exercise and record it for submission. Later on, all pronunciation made in recording have been critiqued by tutor for perfection.

Livemocha always values your hard work, as your exercise will be submitted to the community with a view to get feedback from native English speakers. They point out your mistakes as well as correct it by giving you some grammatical tips also. When you click on Writing practice or Speaking practice, you can also see list of feedbacks given to the other learners of the site. You can utilize them in improving your learning language too. Learners can also track and see their overall performance in My course and enable them selves to reach goals quickly with Livemocha tools.

Livemocha provides you both versions of classes free and paid. Every course is free but there are some upgraded courses too for which you have to pay; means subscription is optional not compulsory. You can start learning a foreign language by 60 seconds registration only even you can do so using your Facebook account or your mail accounts. If learners do not want to stick to the one particular course, then they need to purchase the “Gold Key” for unlimited access of the site.

As Global interest in language learning is exploding with each passing day, livemocha.com is the perfect site for all those language learning fanatics as it is the world’s largest online language learning community which offers online lessons, online translations, dictionaries, Flashcards based on lesson content, quizzes (matching, listening, create sentences, etc.) to improve your learning from the grass-root. No matter whether your goal of learning new languages is for Exploration or for Proficiency, Livemocha.com is surely proven the best for you in all required learning aspects.

Positive Points:

  • Learn more than 35 international languages
  • Free Audio\Video Flashcards for vocabulary
  • Find language exchange partner from all over the world
  • Chat with other expert members
  • Know cultures of native speakers
  • Contains all level courses starting from the beginner to the most advanced users
  • Pictures and audio\video tutorials for better understanding
  • Interact with other users and/or native speakers
  • Learn in the comfort of house
  • Review other friend’s submissions and rate them according to their performance
  • Enable social contacts to increase motivation and confidence
  • Provides recording option utilized to review speaking ability
  • Get feedback from native English speakers for the submissions
  • Track and see their overall performance in My course

Negative Points:

  • Need to pay for upgraded courses

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