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Lingibli.com: Learn New Languages Anytime, Anywhere

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Starting to learn a language is certainly a complex barrier! In the area of internet startups, language learning is perhaps still a hot topic and it is also more interesting with a market that is alleged to be reaching above $90 billion. However, only some manages to attract users. Here an important role is played by Lingibli.com. It provides an innovative and motivating approach to language education. Lingibli becomes useful for people to begin learning a foreign language in an enjoyable and simple way without the need of spending extra time or money. The concept is fairly new here as it’s not joined with online courses or subscriptions but on a print material and mobile app.

Lingibli.com: Learn New Languages Anytime, Anywhere

Bratislava based startup Lingibli has been founded in 2011 with an initial offering of 18 languages. Literally, Lingibli is that little but big headed green guy you can view on the homepage. This amusing character represents a tool for learning different languages rapidly and easily in a basic way, with the most vital phrases, sentences or words to get around just well. First of all, ask yourself why you wish to learn a new language? It’s for your new job, for a foreign trip, or just interested in broaden your mind. Find out your inspiration in order to set a goal.

Many people face language problems while travelling abroad for holidays or a business trip. For instance – when you want to order a meal, ask for directions or search a restroom. Lingibli presents you with the most supportive phrases for all standard conditions. You simply display the correct phrase to the other person or allow the App speak for you. And if you are truly dynamic, try to speak the new language yourself!

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How it works?

The website has a user-friendly interface and a fun design. It works rather simply, wherein a user starts by selecting from which language they crave to learn the new one. Lingibli supports 18 diverse languages – Arabic, English, German, Catalan, Czech, Dutch, Danish, French, Finnish, Italian, Greek, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Swedish and Turkish. It is constantly working on adding new languages to the list. For instance – if you desire to learn English to French, a link to download a PDF file is shown on the homepage. You must open and print the spreadsheet that opens up. The spreadsheet includes the most general words and QR code corresponding to each one. You just have to cut out those tiny squares and tag the corresponding stuffs in your home with them. A part of tape is enough to label your lamp, your bed, the TV, and the rest of the words in the sheet. Go around with your mobile phone and have it scan the QR codes, the app will read it for you so that you can even learn the pronunciation. Hence, Lingibli works at over one level; not stays just on the spelling but also provides you the pronunciation of a word.

The company’s app is built on the philosophy that half of daily conversation in any language is based on only 100 usually used words. So, the app aims to educate users in the fundamental, underlying accent that makes up the mainstream of conversations speakers have on a day-to-day basis. It seems like a wonderful starting point. Other features consist of 5 sentences with each word to get clear cut idea of how a particular word is used. Get 100 helpful phrases sorted by topic like Numbers, Basic Talking, Shopping & Money, Traveling, Eating & Drinking, Emotions, etc. Also check out a game to play with small children for learning new words.


  • Learn different languages anytime, anywhere.
  • 18 languages are offered to learn on the site.
  • Free and paid services available.
  • Free mobile app accessible for both iPhone and Android.
  • Build up your vocabulary with 100 sentences.
  • Obtain 100 helpful phrases for conversations sorted by topic.
  • Find out 100 words that make up 50 % of all conversation in a language.
  • After language combination is downloaded, you can use it offline.


  • App is not available for Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, and Symbain, but will come soon.

How the Lingibli Uses QR Codes & Print for Language Instruction video from youtube:

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