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Kidsworldfun.com makes children productive with Education

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Entertaining young kids for long period of time becomes little difficult for parents, because kids get bored very soon by playing similar types of games for more time. Getting knowledge with fun learning is always appreciated by parents, teachers and students, for the reason that it not only entertains them but also makes them productive through the educational games. Now it becomes easy to stick children at one place for long time, thanks to Kidsworldfun.com that offers variety of activities like fun activities, poems, brain games, animated stories, reading books, quizzes, crafts, coloring pages, educational reference and much more for kids. No need to visit any other place for playing online games, reading books and solving puzzles because it offers all things under one roof.

Kidsworldfun.com makes children productive with Education

Kidsworldfun.com is dedicated specially to pre-teen (young) kids, parents and teachers. It is created by group of parents based in Kerala to inspire love of learning in children. In this era, people have many choices to get unlimited entertainment options but not all of them are safe for children. Now time has come to give the productive way to your children where they can enjoy themselves in a safe and educational way. Kidsworldfun is best for small children and parents who want to use the internet in a prolific way and get their children busy in doings while they are busy in their household work. Not only children but also parents and teachers can play online games and read stories. The best part of the site is that it can be used by all region people because it supports more than 50 languages.

Online portal offers both entertainment and educational activities for children. It offers reading materials, poems, riddles and online games together with math and language exercises for children. It is the best way for you to improve your skills and abilities through a fun and helping environment. No need of any registration to start the use of the site. Developer has given a colorful appearance to the website that attracts kids. Laughter is a very good medicine or exercise for our mind and body. The collection of the funniest photos and videos are outstanding that make you laugh and help you stay healthy. It gives latest and fresh funny photos and videos collection that you rarely get at any other place.

The activities of the site are divided into four different parts like Fun time, Reading, Activities and Learn. Each section of the site is selected from the good online resources. At this place, people can enjoy online games, read and listen to short stories, animated stories, rhymes, poems, create craft, improve IQ power by participating in online quiz, color pictures, learn subjects with fun and do other activities.

Fun Time works as its name suggests that gives all fun related activities like animated stores, online games, jokes, riddle, maths fun, rhymes, funniest photos, videos, toy games, kid games and video games. It offers two types of animated stories; one is based on Video format and second is based on Play mode. To read Play mode animated stories, you have to complete puzzle accurately. It offers rich variety of the best online games like brain games, puzzle games, dress up games and many other games that become more helpful for brain development.

Telling joke is good for children to remember story in order and narrate it to others, and it increases their confidence as well as inspires their thinking. Kids can enjoy many types of jokes like animal jokes, holiday jokes, internet jokes, school jokes, scary jokes, sports jokes and much more. Users are also able to shop toy games and video games online for their kids.

Kids are even fond of reading poems and short stories. Reading section offers reading material that go from eBooks to online short stories, poems, children magazines and books, and quotes for kids. Children can develop good reading habits through eBooks. It offers top kid’s magazines such as National Geographic Kids, Dimdima, and The Archaeology Magazine for Kids. Kids can get knowledge of different people, animals and places each month with facts, games and activities by reading the National Geographic Kids magazine. They can discover anything & everything from Entertainment to Knowledge through the India’s children magazine, “Dimdima”.

Kidsworldfun not only gives online games or reading stories, but also includes many activities that are related to creating things with one’s hands and skill. It offers free crafts for kids like art projects, paper crafts, kid’s craft tips as well as 100% free interactive online coloring pages that help kids to develop imperative skills like color concepts, eye-hand coordination, remember the names of 192 colors and picture comprehension. Online quiz is helpful to get knowledge of GK, online safety and science. Kids have also opportunity to win some prizes through photo contest. It is more than entertainment as it enables users to send free online greeting cards, animated cards, ecards, postcards & greetings with quotes to their family and friends on special occasions.

Learn with fun section is the most appreciate part of the site because it permits kids to strengthen their English, Science and Math subjects through a selection of handpicked websites that offer the material. It also offers collection of amazing and interesting facts of animal, universe, weather, human body, language, insects, birds, etc. It also gives the history of world famous personalities.

Overall, the kidsworldfun is a good source of entertainment and education. It gives the list of specific sites for parents, kids and teachers. It provides resources for getting health related tips. It is not only helpful to kids but also helpful for parents and teachers to learn kids and students with full of fun.


  • Simple and easy to use and understand
  • Offers variety of online activities for parents and kids
  • Play rich variety of online games
  • Improves reading habits by reading animated stories, poems, short stories, etc.
  • Provides free crafts and interactive online coloring pages to develop imperative skills
  • Strengthen English, Science and Math subjects
  • Keep your child busy in activities when you are busy in work
  • Buy toys and video games for children from eShop
  • Makes laugh through joke, funny photos, videos and question-answers
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    Odd, I was sure I’d left a comment here.Anyway, I reembmer seeing these when I was a kid, but never bothered to get them– any money I had which might have gone towards them seemed better spent on more NES games, or Ninja Turtles figures, or other stuff in general.Still, I’m glad to see what I missed out on at the time. Truth be told, I’d like a copy of the Super Mario Bros. one, if only because it has “official” art of Peach in the same colors as the original game, before she went “all pink, all the time.”

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