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Italki.com – Learn Foreign Language online

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Communication problem always arises while traveling to other countries due to language difference and some people also love to learn various languages. Especially for travelers and people who are crazy to learn foreign language online – Italki.com is here. It’s a free online destination that connects students and language teachers and a place where you can find everything you require learning a language online.

Italki.com – Learn Foreign Language online

Italki has been founded in December 2006 by American and Chinese entrepreneurs. The website comprises a social network and marketplace and presently has above 700,000 registered members, from nearly 200 different countries. It’s a language exchange and learning community, whose main aim is to help people learn languages.

How it works?

First register/sign up with few personal details and receive a confirmation email. Then sign in with email address and password and reach at the complete your profile page. Save it and write your first Notebook entry to practice your writing skills by providing the title and little description so that other members can see your entry and aid you with corrections and comments. Only write what you crave to share with the world as all notebook entries are public. Now submit and start learning your desired language by chatting with other people who are online.

Obtain help from a global community of language learners and teachers, solve all your doubts by questioning and getting replies, get corrections on your writings, share free resources, etc. by joining the italki community. Also practice your written and spoken language skills by making friends.


  • Easily learn Foreign Language online from native speakers free of cost.
  • Connects people from across the world in a friendly community to learn from each other.
  • Assists students connect with teachers for paid online lessons – beneficial for both students can learn while teachers can earn extra incomes.
  • Learn a language by opting language products and services.
  • Providing multimedia and one-on-one lessons for English.
  • Language learners may communicate online through text, voice, and video.
  • People can also learn about other cultures.
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