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HCPS.org – Harford County Public Schools

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www.hcps.org is the official site of the Harford County Public Schools. The site contains the navigations named as about us, Board of Education of Harford County, schools, departments, and site map and contact us.

HCPS.org – Harford County Public Schools

Hcps.org is a public school organization situated in the Harford County at the state of Maryland. The main object of this school is to give high academic education to the students, on the basis of that students can succeed in their professional lives. The information about students, parents, staff and community of this school are described below.

About Harford County Public Schools

County Public Schools is an American public school system helping the residents of Harford County. Harford County has an obliging relationship with the parents, local government, and the business community. These collaborative partnerships serve the student population in such a ways that the school system cannot do alone. Harford County Public Schools will be a community of learners where public schools, families, public officials, businesses, community organizations and other citizens work co-operatively to train all the students to succeed academically and socially in democratic, change-oriented, and worldwide society.

Description of www.hcps.org site

When you open this site six navigations are presented named as about us, Board of Education of Harford County, schools, departments, site map and contact us in the left side of the page. Parents, students, staff and community tools are also presented on the top of the page. Latest news of the hcpc is also displayed on the middle of the page.

Board of Education of Harford County:

Board of Education of Harford County changes from a fully appointed Board to an elected-appointed Board from July 1, 2009. This board consists of six elected members and three members appointed by the Governor of the State of Maryland for four-year terms to be phased in over a period of time. The student is chosen by the Harford County Regional Association of Student Councils.


To view the list of Harford County Public Schools, visit this navigation. This list includes Elementary, Middle, High, alternative and Magnet Programs. Search the information about academic and curriculum, instruction support service and student review here by selecting these options separately. You can also receive the information about how to register for school by selecting the option ‘registration for school.’ Enrollment information of the school is also given here.


Choose this tool to acquire more details of the Departments and Offices. Each school has a School development Team and representatives selected from various areas of the school to fulfill the mission of the school system. Organizational Structure Charts’ information is also displayed on the bottom of this page. Obtain the facts of Administrative Departments, Instructional Departments and HCPS Organizational Information by choosing them individually.

Site map:

You can also browse all the contents of the site using the Site Map. The site map gives complete information of Harford County Public Schools. It includes Inclement Weather; board Meeting Schedule, HCPS Staff Resources, Collective Bargaining, teacher of the Year and many more.

Contact us:

If you have any quires then use the HCPS Contact Form to submit questions. Contact Harford County Public Schools at;

The Harford County Public Schools A.A. Roberty Building
102 South Hickory Avenue
Bel Air, Maryland 21014

Phone: (410) 838-7300
Toll Free: (866) 588-4963
Fax: (410) 893-2478

The site also offers parents resources like HCPS Information Learning, Support Resources, College resources and forms and Documents. Student Resources page also provides quick resource to the most requested information for students at HCPS. Student’s resources include Learning resources and tools, College resourcesand forms and Documents. Staff resources serve as a fast resource to the most requested information for teachers and support staff. Harford County resources, Maryland resourcesand National resources are considered as the resources of the Community.

Source: www.hcps.org

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