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Gooru – Search educational resources and lesson plans

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Technology takes the education beyond level…. Gooru is great example here. This online study tool lets you search and study more than 5,000 collections of learning resources across 28 middle-school and high-school courses, with a click. So join Gooru, and enjoy boundless learning…

It’s hard to talk about education without talking about the technology in this digital era. Use of open educational resources and other technologies can notably raise the educational level. Online education reduces costs associated with instructional materials or program delivery, also helps teachers to utilize time in better way. In result, education reaches to everyone! Have you ever heard about Gooru? It exploits power of the web, by organizing free & online education resources into searchable collections and makes them easily accessible from any web or mobile platform. Gooru is not new, there are more than 500,000 teachers across 140 countries and all 50 United States, who are using it to help students learn with full potential. For students, it would be a powerful and free search engine to find rich collections of multimedia resources, digital textbooks, videos, animations, games and quizzes, formed by educators in the Gooru community. Also, teachers can create assignments and share them with students directly using its social media functions. Just transform the way of learning with Gooru, and save your time from searching best learning materials… to study more!

Access best online educational resources

Gooru is developed as nonprofit organization with a mission to honor the human right of education. It has been trying to make high quality education free and accessible to the students around the world. It is an open and collaborative online community to make learning a social experience, connecting teachers and students with global peers. It means, broader the circle… higher the knowledge.

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Students—-Explore best learning materials in no time, and save for the direct access:

At Gooru, students can get direct access to the best free learning materials. It offers all efficient resources and study guides that help them master the concepts. It covers 4th-12th grade content for the main subjects like Math, Science, Social Sciences, and English language arts, along with that it offers resources across other subjects, plus grade levels as curated by the Gooru Community.

Don’t be confused while searching directly on the net…here on Gooru; you will get huge resources of course (containing over 5,000 collections of learning resources across 28 middle-school and high-school courses), but organized in a systematic way. Browsing is great at Gooru! Its homepage introduces a brand new way to discover the best collections, providing easy navigations wherein you can browse collections directly from the given 5 featured courses, or look at collections within other courses via the subject tabs on top bar menu. It’s really nice feature that save so much time of students to study more. For more ease, it provides drop-down menu to get the preferred course page.

Once you’ve selected a course, select unit…instantly, all of the topics for that unit will be displayed. Each result for the selected topic comes with index of the total lessons represented, by way of concepts. Here each title of the collection brings image, description, and information about the resources. Just click on the image to play the video. Total available resources like video, exams, website, etc. for that particular topic are given with each listing. Thus, students are just a click away from the resource.

There is another way to get your required resource. If you know any particular topic, then put it in search bar given on top of the page. You’ll see the top resources for that topic displayed in no time.

Six different search filters for resources are located on the same page to narrow down your results by Mobile Friendly Status, Category, Source, Standard, Subject, and Grade Level. In Category option, you can select resources from 9 different types – Videos, Websites, Interactive, Questions, Slides, Books, Handouts, Lessons, and Exams. This way, Gooru allows students to pinpoint resources quickly and easily.

On finding the effective resource on Gooru, you can save it in your own collection whether in existing or new collection. So, you can directly scroll over to that resource. There are 2 different ways: Save resource from Resource Search or directly from the Resource Player.

Those students, who never created a collection before, or those ones, who would like to create a brand new collection for a resource they’ve found…there is just one way – go on particular Resource Search page, and drag a resource in the box labeled “Drag a resource here to create a new collection” given in the upper-right corner of the page, and save it.

Another way to save resource is to add directly from the Resource Player. When you are playing a resource and would like to save it, “Add” tab is given so that you can add the resource with a click. Here, you are asked to add the resource either to one of your existing collections or to a new collection.

Students can find collections created by their or other teachers, quickly and easily. For this, enter a topic in the search bar, select the “Collections” to the left of the search results page. Instantly, you get the list with top collections for that topic. Search filters like Collection Type, Author, Standard, Subject, and Grade Level are placed on the left side of the search page to narrow down your results.

Teachers—-create and share assignments:

Here teachers also get chance to organize effective and helpful resources into collections and share them directly with students. Even, they can personalize collections to extend utilities of the resource.

On playing any resource, you are provided with Flag to report about resource, Add to save the resource, Info to learn more information about the resource, and Share. Narration key is also there, which allows teachers to personalize collections by providing a learning objective, adding their own resources along with questions, as well as guiding students through the learning experience.

Once teacher creates a collection on Gooru, it can be displayed for the whole class with a projector or share/assign with students individually. Here Classpage, a dedicated webpage, is facilitated to teachers for creating and managing assignments for the class. No limitations…teachers can create multiple Classpages so they can group and organize assignments for each class, period, subject area, etc. It is really easy to create your Classpage; click on Teach in the upper-right hand corner, Click + New Classpage, give a title, and click OK. Teacher is allowed to personalize the Classpage by adding a cover image. Also, they can preview how the Classpage will look to students, by clicking on Student View button.

The most important part is that whenever you create any classpage, you are provided with unique class code or a weblink for that particular classpage. By using any of them, teacher can share this Classpage with their students. On the same page, teachers are allowed to create new assignment, which provide one or more collections for students to use. Teachers can upload their own resources of effective images, handouts, or slides on computer while they personalize collections.

Web Link is direct way to share assignments with students, just click on it and students can go directly to the Classpage. Students can access Classpage and assignments, by clicking on the Teach tab, entering the given Class Code and clicking on Study Now. Once you enter the Web Link or Class Code, all of the assignments that teachers have shared within the Classpage will appear.

Teachers can assign collections, which they have discovered, created, or customized directly with students. To assign, just play the collection you would like to share with students, then click on Assign button and share it using the appeared link. However, weblink is the most direct way. Students, who are assigned the collection, can see a summary of results from the collection as well as send those results to their teacher via print or email.

Teachers are also facilitated with the narration tool to communicate with students to aware students about expectations and instructions throughout the collection. Narration gives directions as well as set the tone of the learning experience.

Webinars are very helpful to teachers. It is held at 5 pm PST on the second and fourth Wednesday per month. In this, new educator is invited to speak about their experiences, also there is live discussion about how modern educators are using digital content in their classrooms? Direct link to watch this seminar is given on the site with time schedule.

Other important activities:

Gooru is a sort of open learning community, which allows you to contribute to an active community of teachers and students, by sharing the created or customized collections and best practices, also posting questions to get the response about your work. Also, you can find friends and peers to study with by joining this great learning community. All learning materials available on Gooru are rated by fellow teachers. Also, teachers can assess their students’ engagement, and progress across the collections and quizzes that assigned by their teachers.

No matter whether you use PCs, Macs, Desktop computers, or Chromebooks; Gooru is compatible with everyone. Gooru also offers a free iPad app to access website from the iPad. Students can access study materials available on Gooru from their mobiles, on the go. However, it is good to use projector for introducing Gooru to students, neglecting technical issues that are created when students run Gooru on their individual devices.

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