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Gethired.com: Easy to Hire and Get Hired

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No more paper resumes, as it does not give an employer’s entire profile of possible hire. The process of traditional paper resume is very long and huge time taker. With the development of technologies, the traditional services are turning into the fast-forward internet service; its main example is online shopping or banking service. Now, the hiring is also converting in the huge time and money saver video-based job market. Gethired.com is the latest video-based job market, by which businesses and companies can reach thousands of qualified applicants by posting a job online. Finding a new job is not an easy task for job seekers, but the new company is trying to provide you the best advantage. Not only employers can get high-qualified employees but also job seekers can get their dream job.

Gethired.com: Easy to Hire and Get Hired

The most comprehensive video-based social recruiting platform and job board, “Gethired.com” has been launched on 30th January, 2012 that provides job seekers a way to present themselves off to potential employers with the use of online video resumes. It is created by 28 year old Suki Shah for hiring, recruiting and profiling of candidates online. It delivers system for getting employees for your business. It permits job providers and seekers to create fully digital job process that is modified to the job opening needs. No matter whether you are job seeker or employer, anyone can get advantage of the site at free of charge. Instead of relying on traditional job listings and resumes, GetHired.com lets candidates and hiring manager to record their resume or recruitment video for highlighting their personality in better way. Through this innovative place, business can make entire hiring process from posting the job to interviewing candidates online.

GetHired revolutionizes hiring and saves your time and money. It gives lots of features to give creative content that permits candidates standout in the crowd of applications. At this place, job providers can list educational qualification details and questions for each posting. They cannot sort out the results, but applicants are able to answer the question by using video, audio or written responses. Job seekers can create their personal video and audio introduction to accompany their resume. It is best platform for job providers to efficiently assess candidates under single platform by offering social recruiting, pre-screening questionnaires and applicant tracking. Companies and businesses are able to post job, manage applications, find video resumes and plan job interviews.

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Whether you live in India or America, it is working for worldwide people so companies can hire candidates near and far. It is most important for small business, which comes in the market recently and not have the assets to do nationwide job searches all of the time. Registration must be required for both job seekers and job providers to take the advantage of the site. At the time of registration, you must give your identity that you are job seeker, employer or recruiter. Users have to follow six steps where they need to provide specific details about them like name, address and what kind of job they are searching or what kind of employee they need. With the following steps, candidates can specify education accomplishments, known languages and upload their resume. If you have a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account, then you can directly connect with the site by this account.

Gethired.com is a major job board that uses video and voice and saves employer’s thousands of dollars in HR and recruiting fees. It becomes a helpful to improve the speed and quality of new hires. Once you have registered on the site as job seeker, you can contribute video and audio introduction as well as connect with hiring managers and recruiters that are searching for people just like you. Through this broad network, job seekers discover jobs that meet their criteria, stand out using video and voice, practical interviews, follow their favorite companies for updates on new positions, get hired and also see which companies have viewed their profile. Job searcher who invests time and energy in filling job applications for getting interviews and getting hired, it becomes best option for them. Job seekers can get real-time updates on the status of every application that they have submitted as well as track their progress in the hiring process until a position is ‘stopped up’. It also informs you of all related job postings.

If you are connected with the site as job provider or employer or recruiter, then you can post open positions online in conjunction with existing job boards, ask pre-screening questions for exact post and permit job seekers to distinguish themselves with video, audio and written responses. By starting and finishing interview process online, they can save time and money. Employers can reach at qualified candidates immediately because Gethired.com sends their job posting to their broad database of job seekers.

Job providers are able to review and select candidates’ application, resume, reply to pre-interview questions and supplementary documentation, including letters of proposal using video and audio. They are also able to use this innovative platform as an applicant tracking system around all job boards and find the ideal candidates. By tracking candidates profile, they can meet candidates on telephone or face-to-face. Once they reach at qualified candidates, they can plan schedule interviews with top candidates by simply selecting open times in your schedule. With the use of Gethired.com’s embedded video conferencing system, they can conduct candidate’s interview online.

Overall, Gethired.com is best place for recruiting and hiring process. For employers, the site gives a chance to connect and search additional information about qualified candidates in a simple process. For job seekers, it gives chance to reach at their dream job around the world without going at any place.

Benefits for job seekers:

  • Discover their dream job
  • Upload their resume and add video and audio introduction
  • Held effective interviews
  • Follow their favorite companies to get information about new posting
  • Get notification about all related job postings
  • See which companies have opened their profile

Benefits for employers:

  • Quickly and securely open jobs recruitment online
  • Ask pre-screening questions for specific positions
  • Search video resumes of job seekers in your area
  • Permits job seekers to respond them through video, audio and written process
  • Easy-to-use candidate tracking system
  • Schedule interviews with qualified candidates
  • Reach qualified candidates quickly
  • Begin and complete the interview process online, in real-time
  • Huge time and money saver
  • 100% free for both job seekers and employers

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