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Forvo.com: Learn Words Pronunciation of All Languages

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All languages have their own set of rules for grammar, sentence structure and pronunciation. Whatever language you are learning, perfect pronunciation is very important for proper conversation. Grammar and vocabulary are of no use, if you cannot pronounce the words correctly. There are many ways to learn pronunciation, such as using audio and text lessons or to hire a teacher but the best and the cheapest way is to learn words pronunciation online. Forvo.com is the right choice for the people who are trying to find a magical formula to improve their pronunciation. It lets the users to learn perfect pronunciation of words in different languages with the help of audio clips. Users can get this fabulous service absolutely free and listen audio clips anytime, anywhere, as per their time convenience.

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Forvo.com: Learn Words Pronunciation of All Languages

Forvo.com was started on January, 2008 by the company named Forvo Media SL. The site is well designed, free to use and has user-friendly interface. Currently, it is the world’s greatest pronunciation dictionary. It contains a massive library of more than 1,409,533 words and above 1,513,798 pronunciations in 300 languages. The top 10 and the complete list of languages are provided under “Languages” tab. You can find almost all the words that are spoken worldwide including bad words at this website.

Users can even find pronunciation of short idioms or phrases. The site provides words pronunciation in their original languages. There are different categories of audio pronunciations such as animals, sports, music, science, history, holidays, food, etc. The words in the audio are pronounced by native speakers of the language instead of robots. Each and every pronunciation sound clip at the site is created by the users. The maximum length of these pronunciation sound clips is 2.5 seconds.

Users can vote the sound clips in order to increase their rating. No translation or encyclopedia articles related to the word provided along with the pronunciation. It is a community-based website where users can add words up to 40 characters and record pronunciations to existing words. The proprietary Adobe Flash technology is used by the site to record the pronunciation sound clips. Adding words and pronunciations requires registration which can be done easily within few minutes.

Registered users can also get other benefits like tracking their added and pronounced words, view their Forvo Ranking according to added words and pronunciations, rate and discuss other people’s pronunciations, create favorite pronunciations list and download mp3 audio pronunciations.

To get started, no registration is needed. Just, enter your word in the “Search” box and hit the “Go” button. You will see a play button and your searched word with different pronunciations. You can also see the details of the speaker like name, gender and place where he/she is belongs to. Click the Play button to listen the pronunciation audio clip. Users are able to see the speaker’s region in an embedded Google Map. If there are several recordings of the same word, you can listen all of them without registration.

You can provide your own pronunciations (after registration), if you think that you can do it better or if that word is pronounced in a different way in your country. Registered users can vote the clips (Good/bad), download MP3s and add the clips to favorites. Registered users can even share the Pronunciation with other people. You can send a report, if there is something wrong with a word given at the site.

Good Points:

  • Free and simple to use
  • No need to register for basic search
  • Provides native pronunciation
  • Offers pronunciation of all the words including bad words
  • Users can view the speaker’s region in Google Map
  • Contains 1,409,533 words 1,513,798 pronunciations in 300 languages
  • Words in the audio clips are pronounced by native speakers rather than robots

Bad Points:

  • Provides no translation or encyclopedia articles related to the word

Video of How to use Forvo from youtube:

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