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Explania.com explains users in a way of Animation

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Why our mind capture movie, dialogues, songs easily than other boring concepts like RFID, Schizophrenia and Cloud Computing. Reading large encyclopedias and listening to monologues from poker faced lectures make anyone bored. Visual communication has long been an effective way of grabbing attentions and showing effective learning. In the mode of visual communication, we learn through pictures, demonstrations, diagrams, charts, films and so on. The use of animation has become common in multimedia teaching and learning because of their assumed superiority over static graphics. Explaining matter through the way of animation is really effective, and it becomes most helpful in business to explain any difficult matter and products tutorial in easy manner. It’s a time to break the boredom of usual explanations and start to use Explania.com, which is available with hundreds of animated explanations, interactive tutorials and instructional videos. This way, anyone can use the animation and spread across many other websites.

Explania.com explains users in a way of Animation

Explania is instruxion platform, specialized in the creation of high-impact explanatory content. All available animations of Explania are not just the animated video but also the interactive animations that you can embed in to the other websites. All concepts of the site are explained with wonderful videos and animations. You will memorize your basics for a lifetime as the creators. For the companies and organizations, explania offers extra possibilities. Using this platform, companies and organizations can sponsor an existing or new animations as well give the viewer additional information on their own website.

The collection of animation is really good, as all are labeled under wide range of categories like Ecology, Health, Money, Sports, Technology and a lot more. It makes browsing more user-friendly with additional categories like ‘Most Recent’, ‘Most Popular’ and ‘Highest Rated’ for a quick peek. Here, user can write, design and develop custom animations about any subject and style. Animation explains complex concepts very easily with set theory, number theory and other disciplines for those one who have no specific education in mathematics.

It can be more powerful way to explain those concepts that are very difficult to convey in words. The most well-known proverb “A picture is worth a thousand words” is perfect to it. Animations are more powerful than a static image. If you have time and creativity then go ahead and co-create a video of products or you can allow the best guys to do it for you. Within a creative animation video, you can describe your product, company, club, application and price which you are ready to pay. If you have your own blog or website, then you can turn your description into a captivating animated explanation by connecting with this site. It is one of the best ways to reach out wider audience.

The channel page of the site is loaded with the existing animated videos that you can sort out by category, free, premium, most popular and most recent. Animated explanations help you to create relevant and authentic content that you can easily distribute online in different target slots. This online platform offers three ways (sponsor, custom and co-create animation) for advertiser, business owners and co-creators to get involved.

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Sponsor animations:

To inform or educate broad audience about subject with a neutral, objective animation, sponsor animation is best to consider as this brings your offering closer to your target audience. Why sponsor animation? Because every buying cycle initiates with an information stage, in which customers seek out background information about solution to their problems answers to their questions. Mostly, consumer prefer independent, objective information and explanations about products, services or solutions when they visit your website, so if you explain it in an attractive format like video and animation, then you can satisfy more audience. It is really interesting for companies or organization to advertise or sponsor their offering on an animated explanation.

Say NO to any limits – everyone are able to the animations on blogs, communities and other websites within the target group. The content of Explania is optimized for SEO and social media. Sponsoring such an animation gives you several benefits like you get visibility as the sponsor of the animation, you can add interactive elements, browse the existing catalogue, etc. To sponsor an existing or a new animation, you have to send request quote by providing all required details like first name, last name, company email, company name, company website, function level, country and telephone number.

Custom animations:

It’s really scalable yet powerful way to explain your products, services, concepts, tools or procedure to large and widely spread audience. It is a powerful technique to explain any difficult concept with step by step guide. By using a custom animation, companies and organizations can explain their products, tools, services, procedures –anything – to their target audiences like employees, partners and customers. At this website, you can explain variety of subject in range of different languages.

Co-create animations:

Copywriter, multimedia animator, or graphic artist can participate in Explania Co-Creation Program which brings together people with different skills to generate new, high-quality Explania content. Creation of an animated explanation requires range of skills like storyboard, voice-over, graphical design, etc. Very few people have all required skills, but if you have one of them, then you are capable to write storyboard. To become a co-creator, you have to send name, email address and message and agree terms and conditions.


  • Access hundreds of animated explanations, interactive tutorials and instructional videos
  • Anyone can use the animation and spread across many other websites, and blogs
  • Gives collection of animations
  • Divided animations under wide range of categories
  • You can access ‘Most Recent’, ‘Most Popular’ and ‘Highest Rated’ animations with click of mouse
  • Don’t require any registration
  • Give sponsor animation to educate broad audience about subject with a neutral, objective animation, sponsor animation
  • Use custom animation to explain products, tools, services, procedures –anything
  • Become co-create to communicate with other to generate new, high-quality Explania content

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