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EmployeeConnection.net – Macy’s Insite Employee Connection

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EmployeeConnection.net is an official website of Macy’s Insite Employee Connection. This website is operated by Macy’s Inc and really useful for the employees of macy’s and Bloomingdale’s shop. They can check out the important information about benefits programs, paycheck, company news, taxes, resources and more.

EmployeeConnection.net - Macy's Insite Employee Connection

Macy’s, Inc and Bloomingdale’s are one of the nation’s largest operators and high range of luxury American department stores, their all stores are located in all major regions of the United States. Macy’s has named additional regional in major city centers and operates a total of 814 U.S. stores. Both companies shops offer different products including, clothing, footwear, bedding, furniture, jewelry, cosmetics, housewares, etc. Macy’s has over 167, 000 employees and Bloomingdale’s has over 182,000 employees globally. In spring 2010, Bloomingdale intends to open the company’s first international location with apparel and home stores in Dubai Mall.

Macy’s has created the Employee Connection website at www.employeeconnection.net, where employees are eligible to check health benefits, retirement programs, paychecks, taxes, assistance benefits, scholarship program and other benefits. They only need to login in website with account information to know more about the company and their benefits. The additional features of the site include a section for benefits, forms, a video preview, communication and resources. Macy’s Green Living program is also available to help preserve the environment.

How to Login?

For those Macy’s employees, who want to manage their Paycheck and more, the login option is given on the right top corner of the website,

  • Go to www.employeeconnection.net,
  • Click on “Insite” option,
  • Open an employee’s login page,
  • Enter 8 Digit Employee Id and Password,
  • Press on “Login” button.

First Time User:

Registration option is given on the login page for a new user of Macy’s Insite Employee connection website. To register your account, click on “First time user”option, then registration form will be displayed at the page, enter SSN, Employee number, Birth date, Zip Code, Mother’s Maiden Name in a form and submit it.

When you enter in the website, you can get information in different categories that are “benefits”, “forms”, “communications”, “resources” and “green living” given at the top of its home page. In each category, you are able to find some specific services. At their “benefits” programs, you will find health benefits, retirement, solution in store and other benefits.

From website, you can also download useful Macy’s employee forms such as various tax forms (W-4, W-5), health insurance claim forms, limited flexible spending account claim form, charitable donations related forms, etc that an employee like to make.

One of the most important categories of the site is Communications, which includes information about corporate policies, various company website, emergency policies and the compliance regulations as well as an honorary mention of the military roll and the service anniversary gifts that employees will receive.

There are various resources found at the site such as Paycheck, Taxes, Shopping, Community, Credit Unions and Bill Payment. Besides these options, you can also see the Green living consist lot of information that promotes eco-awareness and strives towards achieving a greener planet.

Source: www.employeeconnection.net

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  1. gloria n rodriguez says:


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  2. Ruth Elwood says:

    I am a retired Macy’s employee. I have some questions that I need answered. However, after trying numerous times over several days, I can’t get anyone to answer at the 800-234-6229. I get a recording then a busy signal then a disconnect??????? Is there another number that is more responsive??????????????? HELP

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  3. Mackesha says:

    I’m trying to find out my work schedule. Could someone please help me find my schedule. I need to know how do I log on to find my schedule. Thanks.

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  4. Soikham Vannouvong says:

    I, Soikham Vannouvong work at Macy’s store 308 in Flint, MI. Yesterday I tried to log in to check my schedules, for some reasons I couldn’t log in. Please, help me to see what is the problem.

    Thank you,

    Soikham Vannouvong

    PS: my employee’s # 71568130

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  5. Marianne McCourt says:

    I am a retired empoee Of the Broadway Stores I am receiving monthly retirement through Macy’s I hat to change my Account number in my checking do to a reasend theft out of my present NO. the bank gave me a new Routing NO. & Account No.tried to call the 800 No. and gave them my SS. NO. and Credit Card No. but the said we don’t recognice the number’s
    I don’t know where els to turn, can you please help me
    Thank you.
    Marianne Mccourt Former emploee of the Broadway Stores

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  6. kazi islam says:

    what determines store’s shortage classification ?
    What does “extreme risk vendor” represent ?

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