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eCareers.sg – An interactive career exploration and planning website

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Ecareers.sg is web gateway for Singapore students’ career exploration and planning. ECareers.sg lets to all secondary and pre-university students and educators for investigating over 300 occupations and also exploring universities and polytechnic courses or programmes. The website highlights to help students for developing their career search skills more precisely than to identify occupational ambitions by creating a learning environment. The information about occupations, colleges, and employers, an e-portfolio, resume and budget programs, and classroom activities are also accessible after login.

eCareers.sg - An interactive career exploration and planning website

Ecareers.sg was designed on the basis of the ECG Developmental research model. The ECG Portal is associated to the ECG Development Model and supports the three stages of the Model. Its first stage is career awareness stage where the schools allow their students to use the career assessment tools to help to be aware of their career profile. The second stage is Career Exploration that allows exploring the different careers and educational information to student which obtainable in the Portal. The third stage is Career Planning where students have by this time made specific plans in selecting the related programmes of study, build up their portfolio, and get the relevant transitional skills such as resume writing.

At eCareers.sg, educational information was provided by the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) for Secondary schools to create a connecting approach to career development and job seeking. Ecareers.sg is especially designed in order to Singapore schools system, to facilitate education and career development for students. Ecareers.sg can be used free of charge to all in the first 3 years from 2008-2011.

The information of occupational arrives from Career Compass that posted by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower, and from the OSCAR career information system that developed by the National Institute of Education at NTU and from the Center on Education and Work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA). Time aware related details are updated on the portal at least once per year and School cockpit data are updated per month.

eCareers.sg for student:

The students are allowed to do several career assessments on eCareers.sg web portal. When students take an assessment, they will be provided a list of occupations that might be of interest to them. The student can also investigate the occupations and learn what people do in this occupation, how they make money and how much education they will need to perform this occupation.

The web portal also presents the primary career development to concentrate on primary grades, as a result student can explore the activities and enjoy doing and to be able to see how these activities result in skills to be successful in life. The web portal will be evaluating the degree to students who have mastered this information by interactive activities that will assess their knowledge and speed of information recovery. When they confirmed that students have mastered in this topic, students will be ready for the plethora of occupational information that available on the secondary form of the ecareers.sg site.

As of ecareers.sg, students are able to investigate over 300 occupations and also explore universities and polytechnic courses or programmes. Here, the evaluate feature is also on hand that lets students to evaluate occupations and universities and polytechnic courses or programmes.

The ePortfolio is also intended for this portal to provide a detailed account of a student’s skills, abilities, career exploration, academics, activities, and accomplishments. In the ecareers.sg, all items are saved in the ePortfolio. The ePortfolio can be also observed and shared with others students. The poratl’s motivation theory suggests to student to find a pleasant and important activity of ecareers.sg when they want to connect with teachers and peers.

The main aim to be able to share the ePortfolio is to permit the confirmation to be used as supporting documentation for admissions, scholarships, and job applications.

This portal is being developed only for students in Primary 5 to 6 at this time, pointed at their developmental keenness and reading level. The portal supports for career awareness and supporting students in exploring secondary school options. Eportfolios from the primary school like My info, My skills, My interests, My achievements, My activities, My favourite, etc. will stay in the secondary school eportfolio. The eportfolio accounts terminate after 6 months from their graduation.

Ecareers.sg for students:

  • Provide a methodical and planned means to generate a student account
  • Support a group of students to make posters promoting ecareers.sg
  • Have students begin to save items in their ePortfolio, which will follow them from secondary to pre-university
  • Link to ecareers.sg from your school homepage
  • Comprise an article on ecareers.sg in your school newsletter/emails
  • Set a link to ecareers.sg on your school computers’ desktops

Ecareers.sg for teachers:

  • Promote teachers to attend ecareers.sg trainings
  • Email information about ecareers.sg to form teachers
  • Program in-service trainings at your school
  • Use promotional materials found on the ecareers.sg “Professional Site” under “Support”
  • Demonstrate ecareers.sg to all form teachers

About the ecareers.sg portal:

The students are also provided with training information that located in the “Training & Webinars” segment of the web portal. The information on events, conferences and the Career Development Facilitator course are cited in the section “Professional Development”. From the “Site Support” fragment, you will discover information about promoting ecareers.sg, and also user guide information about technical support.

The reports about ecareers.sg web portal such as site usage, ePortfolio usage, occupation and education options usage, and assessments are specified at the “ecareers.sg Usage Reports” section. Beneath the “Tools for the Administrator” section, you can manage student and professional accounts. Student can also change their password by resetting accounts. In order to professionals, you can add and delete professional accounts. You will be capable of accessing a “read only” version of the student’s ePortfolio from “Access ePortfolio” section.

Account Access:

The web portal is ready for secondary and pre-university students and educators of Singapore. To create account, visit ecareers.sg. At front page of the website, you will found box of NRIC number. At the beginning of each month, NRIC numbers of the students are updated by the MOE. So the student will be required to wait until the beginning of the month to generate his/her account. After submitting the NRIC number, you will be asked to type in your birth date and an email address. Afterward, you will be prompted to create a permanent password that will be required next time to login for your account.

The Sec 1 students’ personal details will be renewed by the school in the school cockpit system by premature January of the new school year. On ecareers.sg, this school cockpit data will be also updated in their school’s data by the end of January. Therefore, new Sec 1 students will have access to the ecareer.sg portal by the start of February.

The new Pre-U1 or JC 1 student will get their accounts to access ecareers.sg by the beginning of March. The new Pre U1 or JC1 student can use their accounts from their earlier secondary school to log in to the portal.

During the submitting correct NRIC, you get error message, this show that you are not authorized to use ecareers.sg. The students are not allowed to change a student’s username or password.

Parents can also access for the portal by using their children’s account, but for this a separate password or account issued will not be issued. The portal encourages to parents for attending their children in their exploration processes and to use the opportunity to generate meaningful conversations.

Browser requirements for ecareers.sg:

The portal of ecareers.sg accesses on Flash 9.0 or higher and a browser equipped rendering HTML 4.01 and with JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets, and Active Scripting or Cookies enabled. The system is fully compatible with famous Windows browsers such as Chrome 1.0 or higher, Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, Mozilla FireFox 1.5.0 or higher, Safari 1.1 or higher and the Macintosh browsers such as Safari 1.1 or higher, Mozilla FireFox 1.5.0 or higher.

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