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ClassMatrix.com – Online platform to measure, evaluate & analyze student performance

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Teachers, who want to measure, evaluate & analyse student performance as well help them learn efficiently, should use this online platform – ClassMatrix.com.

There is a lot of responsibility on teachers like teaching several courses in different classes, keeping records of class attendance and grades, calculating class averages, evaluating student performance, and so on. Many times, teachers feel so much pressure from the weight of what is expected from them. Here is an outstanding tool (ClassMatrix) for teachers who are looking for quick and easy way to handle daily tasks that allocated to them to focus more on students and on teaching. ClassMatrix is helpful for teachers, principals, schools, decision makers at schools, who want to check student performance and help them learn more efficiently. It is simple online platform that helps teachers to evaluate, measure & report student performance.

ClassMatrix.com - measure, evaluate & analyze student performance

Founded in 2013, ClassMatrix invests in teachers by providing them simple to use tools to lessen administrative work. They consider that once teachers are free from administrative work, they can give more time towards educating and helping students. ClassMatrix help teachers get highest student and parent engagement in their classes through smooth and organized course management. Their vision is to make the learning procedure more interesting and effective by helping teacher to engage the class better also help to implement the best practices for teaching.

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All the basic tools that teachers require are available, so they do not have to waste their time on doing the unnecessary work of creating reports, defaulters’ lists, managing multiple registers, and more. What teachers have to do is just enter data after every class, and rest of the work is done by Classmatrix. It allows teachers to track attendance, share learning materials, evaluate students, analyze performance and communicate flawlessly with students and parents.

You are able to keep track of all the activities of various subjects across many classes on the dashboard. You get easy access to calendars, to do lists, reminders, attendance register, etc. With Attendance feature, teachers can record and mark students’ attendance comprehensively with options like present, absent, tardy, tardy excuse, half day, or else. It supports formation of customized pointers to get informed on student’s absence & formation of defaulters list for frequent absence. Planner feature comes with pre-loaded course plan, which further makes it simpler to plan, create, and schedule course activities including assignments, projects, lectures, and exams.

If you want to do complete customization of each and every course, then use the Gradebook feature. It is a single screen interface to record students’ performance. You don’t have to keep many copies of gradebook for personal and official purposes. Use Analytics feature and get dynamic reports and graphs creation on the assignments and exams with a single click. It allows availing of in-depth insights on class and student performance on a real-time basis. Using Communication feature, teachers, students and parents can communicate with each other about attendance status, upcoming events, exams, lectures, assignments and other activities. It lets you to send auto reminders to students and parents via SMS and internal notifications.

Good points:

  • Online platform to help teachers achieve highest student engagement in their classes
  • Multidimensional dashboards for trouble-free course management
  • Micro and Macro level monitoring
  • CCE implementation tool with basic recording and reporting
  • Student progression analysis tool built-in with analytics and dashboards
  • Extra modules for lessening administrative load on teachers and helping in the teaching process

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