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BookShout.com – Social platform for reading books online

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Reading expands our view to the world infinitely also it can be life-changing in small ways or major ones. There are so many reading benefits….as it expands your vocabulary; improve your spellings; as well help you understand different ways of life. We go to movies together, listen to music together, and now we have a great opportunity to read books together at BookShout, which is the unique christian group reading platform, allows users to create reading circle, share reading notes, and invite others to take part on reading a particular book. It is the best platform for those who would like to create a community of readers around their books or brands. No need of any specific device to access Bookshout.com, because it can be accessed through iOS, Web, and Android supported device. At this platform, users can access, save and share notes and books on any platforms.

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Read with friends….anytime…anywhere at BookShout.com, which is a social reading platform. It has been founded in February 2011 by Illian and now, it works as larger book market. It’s combining e-reader with social networking platform, wherein users can generate personal reading groups, while publisher can make changes with new marketing and sales models and authors can cooperate with other readers and make powerful followings. Now, users of BookShout can import their earlier and future e-book purchased legally in their account without paying any charges, No matter from where you have purchased. No need to access many places to get books, it’s great where all e-book titles available in single location.

BookShout is more than reading or creative sales outlet; besides with reading features, it allows user to buy books, follow other users, share their notes and highlight, collect reading circle, become friends as well tweet or post facebook updates. Joining with bookshout, users can read book with author, friends, groups, and people from church. Just like facebook and twitter, they can share their thoughts and notes. It is the best platform for you to build tribe, brand and voice.

If you really love reading and share your passion worldwide, then you just need to take one step ahead at BookShout.com for registration to read books. Signing up is easy…you’re only a few steps away. You have two choices for the registration – either creating a new account or connecting through a facebook account. It requires name, email address, password for new registration.

As soon as you registered in the site, it will give list of several people for following also give some free books for downloading. When you hit free download button, the books will automatically add in your account. Dashboard of users is offered with so many section including STORE, BOOKS, FRIENDS, READING CIRCLES, SERCH BOX….

Generally, we visit store for making a purchase, but now you can purchase books through BookShout’s online store; herein you can access or purchase top free, and top purchased books, even access books by category. The paid and free books are set under different title, so that it reduces the hassle of accessing a long list of books. If you have no ideas about new arrivals then no need to worry, because here all new arrivals is listed under separate category. You can also search books by their name form stores.

Users added all books display in the books section, wherein you can sort out the list of books by most recent activity or alphabetically. You are also enabled to access your books and your friend’s books with two different options. You don’t require to any other section for accessing friend’s activity because you can access friend’s activity, access their follower and invite friends through friend category.

To enhance the knowledge about books or authors and to share thoughts, you can create reading circle like book club, small group, church and business what you want. From here, you can communicate with each other and compare reading lists and notes. It allows users to form books clubs and read books together online. The main drawback of the site is that users are not able to read the books in BookShout unless they have purchased a copy.

As an author, you can do many activities by expanding Zero money like create following around few or all books that they have written or read to converse directly with their followers. It is one of the simple and helpful options for you to see who is reading your book, leaving notes, and having discussions. It also enables you to invite other authors or influencers to join and add their explanation.

Both authors and readers are also able to share their thoughts, recommendations, and likes to facebook and twitter. It also offers new social tools to arrange other creative marketing and promotional effort, moreover connecting with ministries and churches to read your book in small groups. It is the single way from where you can review all the comments and highlights of your readers as well you can hook up with your biggest fans having additional thoughts and insights and encourages them to share thoughts about your books with their friends and associated groups for increasing book sales.


  • Simple and users friendly way for accessing books
  • Innovative social reading platform
  • Create reading circle
  • Share reading notes
  • Read with friends…at anytime, anywhere
  • Invite people to join your reading community
  • Best for authors and publishers to increase books sales
  • Users can access, save and share notes and books
  • It can be accessed through iOS, Web, and Android supported device
  • Two choices for sign up – creating new account or facebook
  • Purchase and browse books from stores
  • Access top purchased and top free books
  • Browse books by category and alphabetically
  • Communicate with other readers, compare reading lists and notes
  • Access new arrival separately


  • You cannot read books in BookShout unless they have purchased a copy

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