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Audioliterate.com: Download and Stream free audiobooks

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Since ages, books are considered our best friends in all our good and bad times of life. These silent, non-living and not sensitive books are amazing source of knowledge. Books are same for the rich and poor. We love to read books on travelling, while we are alone, little depressed or want to gain knowledge. In today’s busy life, we don’t have time to read hardback books, therefore, to meet interests and needs audio books are released. Everyone can experience the new world of talking books from anyplace and regardless of age. There are many websites which allow you to download audio books for a price or free. Audioliterate.com is one of them. Here, people who are keen to read books can find their favorite book easily, so no need to waste time at bookstore or library in search of them.


Audioliterate.com was created in January 2012. The site has simple and much cleaner user’s interface. It provides several public domain audiobooks and other audiobooks for free of cost. The main goal of the site is to engage as many people as possible with literature. All audiobooks content on this site is provided by LibriVox and Archive.org. Audioliterate has a high quality audiobooks collection and there is something for everybody in this collection. Daily, new audiobooks are added to their archive so the collection of the site is increasing with each passing day.

At Audioliterate.com, you will find all types of audiobooks from classical to public domain titles. The users can search and find their favorite book easily as the audiobooks are classified by genre and author. You will find different categories books including adventure, dramatic works, comedy, fantasy, classics, fiction, children, historical fiction, health, fairy tales, etc. The books available at the site also come with description, as a result if you are not very familiar with any book you can read its description before listening. Users can listen to the classic works of literature, chapter by chapter online or download to their computer for later use.

Afterwards, they can upload audiobooks to their MP3 player, iPod, CD or cell phone and listen their favorite book for their pleasure and/or learning. Users can enjoy audiobooks while relaxing, doing chores or on a long trip. Listening to the book also improves your listening and comprehension skills. This site is excellent for students, teachers and all audiobook lovers. When you search an audio book at website, you can get the choice to separate public domain books from free trial.

The homepage of the site has an advanced search module where the users can search books by authors, genre and price or keywords. Users can also filter their search by entering the listing ID. Once you have searched your desired book, you will get the list of the books based on your entered information. Just, click on the Title of your favorite book and you will be directed to a new page dedicated for that particularity. On this page you can download the entire file at once or listen to any chapter of the book directly. You can also get a summary of the book next to a playlist/streaming section.

You will find special sections dedicated to “Featured Audiobooks”, “Latest Audiobooks”, “Popular Keywords” and “Audiobooks Categories” at the homepage. As and when you hit any audiobook, the page devoted to that Title will appear where you can download the complete file or listen to any chapter. Under “Audiobook Genres” navigation, you will find all the genres with their listings while “Blog” section allows you to read different blogs. You can subscribe for mailing list at the website to get free audiobooks daily.

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  • Simple and much cleaner user interface
  • Free streaming and download
  • Well categorized collection
  • Let to stream audiobooks by chapter
  • High quality audiobooks collection
  • Users can read book description before listening
  • Provide free audiobooks daily

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