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x-rates.com: Currency and Conversion Calculator for exchange rates

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Using the Currency and Conversion Calculation for exchange rates is very easy on www.x-rates.com. It can convert any amount from one currency to another real time and immediately. www.x-rates.com is user friendly website provides many features like Currency exchange rates, time plotted charts, conversion tables, calculator and historic lookups all in one place to their users.

www.x-rates.com: Currency and Conversion Calculator for exchange rates

History of www.x-rates.com

On 29, June1998 www.x-rates.com was founded as a provider Forex traders with access to currency rates over the web. Currently, their headquarters is in Tiago Stock Consulting, 3518 Roswell RD NW B-10 Atlanta, GA, US. Use the Phone Number: +1 404 238 9428 to contact them.

X-rates.com Features:

  • Currency Calculator
  • Custom Table
  • Historic Lookup
  • Money Transfer
  • Currency Photos

Currency Calculator

visit http://www.x-rates.com/calculator.html, to go directly to the currency converter is simple to use, when you open this page you will see some information on both side of the page, and the currency converter is mention at the center of the page, the website designed so simple but has attractive features, you, first you have to select the currency that you are converting from, they will provides you a selection of plenty currencies in the drop down menu, select the convert currency and into currency, type the amount in figures only, then click on the calculate finally to get your results.

Once you complete the process, you will see the conversion rate instantly in the blank field that given above your selected information. Get conversion rate for more amount rapidly, type different amount and click calculate again and again to more converts rate

Quick Bar is one more feature that makes quick conversions between the most popular currencies. At the right hand side of the currency calculator, you will see twelve small flags that featured in a box, six in the ‘from’ column and six in the ‘to’ column. It makes conversions quick and easy you no need to find the currencies from the drop down boxes, only click on the flags if you want to convert their currency and hit on calculate button.

You can look the graphs for the past history of these two currencies that you have the current conversion rate by clicking on the ‘two currencies’ link, you will see the graph of their progress over recent months. Invert the graph if you want. Use their simple calculator, if you want counting your conversion rate, click on the ‘calculator’ the clickable link then the calculator will pops up in a smaller screen soon.

Currency Custom Table

Currency Custom Table is a great tool that converts your amount in to all currencies, use http://www.x-rates.com/cgicalc.html to go directly on this tool. Select the convert currency, enter amount and click on ‘go’ then you will see your amount converted into a number of other currencies

Currency Historic Lookup

The forex trader use this tool to know the currency exchanges rates before investing in or trading in stocks. Select Base and Target currency, select date and click on go you will see five historical results. To view your results in graphs click on 2010 graph link, you can also invert your Base and Target currency to get right decisions.

Money Transfer

To provide you a faster and cheaper way to make your international foreign exchange money transfers, the X-Rates have teamed up with TransferMate, a global money transfer system. With TransferMate, you will get better exchange rates than your bank.

Currency Photos

View a number of currencies photo in this tool like American Dollar, Belize Dollar, Canadian Dollar and Euro etc.

For more information and additional feature list visit www.x-rates.com

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