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Moneycontrol.com: Stock Market, Mutual Funds & Financial information

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In February, 1999, www.moneycontrol.com was conceived as a personal finance portal and after nine months of it, www.moneycontrol.com was launched on 5 November 1999. Cyberworld’s website moneycontrol.com has been growing at a breath taking rate ever since. On 1 June 2000, it was acquired by e-Eighteen.Com Limited and became part of the Television Eighteen India Limited group. Nowadays, for Indian natives everywhere, www.moneycontrol.com is the premier end-to-end business and finance portal. The motive of www.moneycontrol.com is to “Start with a growing market. Swim in a stream that becomes a river and ultimately an ocean. Be a leader in that market, not a follower, and constantly build the best products possible.”

www.Moneycontrol.com: Stock Market, Mutual Funds & Financial information

Www.moneycontrol.com is website of India and available in two languages like Hindi and English. When people visit www.moneycontrol.com, they will see navigation such as “news Center”, “Results”, “Markets”, “Mutual Funds”, “IPO”, “Commodities”, “Wealth”, “Portfolio”, “Message”, “MyTV”, and “CNBC-TV18”. You can also see quotes, NAVs, news, messages, people, notice, and videos. They can get latest news and information about stock market, games and etc. They can see hot stocks after 1st quarter results at www.moneycontrol.com. People can get index, which shows SENSEX and NIFTY share rates.

Moneycontrol.com is a personal finance hangout for Indians and designed to manage their money online and keeping a track of all their investments into mutual funds and managing their portfolio. It seeks to add to the knowledge of the interested user through ‘planning tools, information, analysis, quick control systems, and a fulfillment service for investment options. Www.moneycontrol.com is the general site, which guide the investor in which fund he or she can invest. You can find the past performances of shares as well as mutual fund on this site. If you want to Invest in share and mutual fund market open an online trading account for your self in any of the banks, and take guidance from money control web site to invest in any share or mutual fund.

Keyfeatures of Money Control:

  • Quickly create account under predefined group
  • Unlimited number of accounts in each group
  • Easily create budget
  • Unlimited number of transaction in each account
  • Sort entries by clicking on a column header
  • Tip Calculator
  • Generate monthly report & graphs
  • Enable login and access via secure login authentication

News Center:

At “News Center” navigation, you can get news about business, general, markets, stocks, mutual funds, personal finance, corporate strategy, and lifestyle. People can also get top news, latest news, news from across the web, best stock market tips, and market data. They can also get information about recover loss, plan their money, spend their money, news tools, alerts, and newsletters.


At “Result” navigation, people can get information about upcoming result, earning estimates, result announced, and management interviews. They can also get information about news, results, estimates, and analysis. You can see management corner, where you can get information about interviews and pressers. At “Result” navigation, you can get information about any company and compare company with pears by clicking on “go” option.


Investors can get information about pre-market, advice, technical, earnings, all stats, currencies, tools EFTS, and intuit money manager at “Market” navigation page. They can also get top news, latest news, most read, most searched and news in Hindi language. You can get information about stock advice according to company, hot stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs), market staticcs, F&O, mutual fund, and company. You can post massage at massage board. At “Market” navigation, you can get stock tips from 3 brokers and also get information about online trading in India.

Mutual Funds:

On “Mutual Funds” navigation page, investors can get information about how to learn, evaluate, buy, track mutual funds. You can also get information about tools, interact, and ETFs. At Mutual funds page, you can see best funds to buy, mutual fund meter, new funds offers, fund updates, performance tracker, explore mutual funds, invest in mutual funds, you can invest online by selecting any fund, and people can post a massage at massage board. Tool option gives information about portfolio, investor can find their fund, top performing fund. Tracking tools are also available.


Users can get information about Midfield Industries IPO opens for subscription, Best Stock Market Tips, Stocks before Q1 Results, IPO Snapshot, Upcoming IPO’s, BSE IPO Index, and IPO calendar at “IPO” navigation. People can post a massage at message board, chat online, and give their opinion at “What’s your opinion?” option.


At “Commodities” navigation page, people can get latest news about all commodities, vegetable oils, pulses, cotton, spices, and more. People can get commodity prices, strategies & updates, market stats, spot market prices. Research reports and CNBC AWAAZ Samachar are also available at this page.


Investor can know about how to plan, invest their money and about insurance, tax, retirement, loans, property and credit cards at “Wealth” navigation page. people can get step by step guide, and expert advice, if they want new to invest. Tools of the day, learning kit, useful tools are available on this page. Investors can also know about the right place to invest, for that, they are provided with step by step guide and expert advice. Learning kit, useful tools, insurance planning, and tax planning & help.

How to login at Moneycontrol.com?

Screenshot of login page of www.moneycontrol.com:

www.Moneycontrol.com: Stock Market, Mutual Funds & Financial information

Exciting users can easily sign in at Moneycontrol.com, for that, they have to visit www.moneycontrol.com and click on “sign in” option. Enter their user ID and password then click on “login” option. If they have forgotten their password then click on “forgot password” option and follow the instructions.

New users can register at moneycontrol.com and the registration process takes just 30 seconds to complete. They have to visit www.moneycontrol.com and click on “register” option. Enter their username, password (6 to 10 characters, Only alphabets, numbers, _ , – and @ are valid), confirm password, and email then click on “submit” option.

Source: www.moneycontrol.com

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  1. vikas srivastava says:

    market is what doing

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    whether markeet is going to improve ahead in future

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  3. Ramachandra G Shettar says:

    whether markeet is going to improve ahead in future—Definitely by another 2000 points before March 2011

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  4. nanda bhattacherjee says:

    to know the share market update

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  5. jimal says:

    I ma using iphone and want to access moneycontrol site on it. Does any moneycontrol.com iphone app works well?

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  6. jimal says:

    What is the process of moneycontrol.com portfolio login? I am tied to find out login page for moneycontrol portfolio on website please help me.

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  7. maline says:

    Great website to know the real market position of india.

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  8. mancho says:

    how to check infosys share price using moneycontrol india site ?

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  9. ayyavu.g says:

    i want to open a new user in your webside.pls do the needful

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  10. great says:

    good one

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  11. sharetipsinfo says:

    NSE and BSE have many listed stocks, Let

    Sharetipsinfo research best profitable stocks for you.

    Our accuracy speaks for us

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