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VaEmploy.com – Virginia Unemployment Benefits website

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Www.VaEmploy.com is a great place to find assistance from the VEC or Virginia Employment Commission. VAEmploy.com is an employment portal and used for both workers and business. People can use this website for getting help related to unemployment in many languages. People will find announcements, press releases and other helpful things like a listing of Virginia Workforce centers at this website. Www.VaEmploy.com provides unemployment benefits so first visit VAEmploy.com then try and apply for Virginia unemployment benefits online.

VaEmploy.com - Virginia Unemployment Benefits website

Vision of www.VaEmploy.com is to become first Choice for Workforce Services. Mission of it is to promote economic growth and stability by delivering and coordinating workforce services such as policy development, job placement, temporary income support, workforce information, and transition and training services. To achieve its mission, it will do partnership with its stakeholders, develop and empower staff, improve its processes, embrace innovative solutions and technologies, and continually renew its organization.

Values of www.VaEmploy.com:

  • Achieving: Make a worthwhile contribution to society. Meet the needs of customers.
  • Ethical: Conform to professional standards of conduct.
  • Secure: Provide a safe and secure work environment.
  • Purposeful: Have a clear sense of purpose. Evaluate results and activities compared to established goals, objectives, and performance measures.
  • Fulfilling: Create an environment for meaningful work, where individual, team, and VEC contributions are recognized, valued, and rewarded.
  • Balanced: Concerns for the requirements of communities, customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Services of www.VaEmploy.com:

Workforce Services

Virginia Workforce Network: Provides access to a wide range of employment and training services through Virginia Workforce Centers. For information on WIA, and the Virginia Workforce Councils, visit at Virginia Workforce Network.

Employer Services: Post a job listing online at no cost! Contact a local VEC Workforce Center for assistance in finding qualified candidates to fill your jobs. They are among the first to know when quality workers lose their jobs.

Job Seeker Services: Provides employment assistance, access to thousands of job listings, and resources available at their local VEC Workforce Center to help with their job search.

Unemployment Insurance: The VEC administers’ various programs may provide temporary income for workers who have become unemployed. Resident of the State of Virginia can file an initial or continued unemployment claim online, with one of its Call Centers, or at any VEC Workforce Center.

Labor Market Information: The VEC is a convenient source of high quality economic, demographic, and occupational information for making important business decisions.

Employer Advisory Committees: VEC provides a wide variety of no-fee services to employers, including exposure of job vacancies, recruitment assistance, labor market information, tax credit information, and many more.

Veteran Services: Veterans from all periods of military service are eligible for job referral, job training and job placement assistance through the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC), with an emphasis on those veterans who are disabled, minority, female, homeless, and/or culturally or economically disadvantaged. The Assistant Secretary of Labor for VETS has designated these specific groups of veterans to receive special assistance.

Online Services

The online services are offered in both languages English and Spanish. To begin unemployment benefits filing, users will require their personal information, employment information and eligibility information. First of all they will require reading the unemployment instructions and how to keep the claim active. They also require specifying the preferred method of payment and whether it is in the form of a debit card or direct deposit.

Unemployment Insurance Services

Online Claims:

  • File a new claim for unemployment benefits.
  • Reopen an existing claim after a break has occurred in your weekly request for payments.
  • File your weekly request for payment of unemployment benefits.
  • Electronic Payment Method – Debit Card/Direct Deposit.
  • File an Appeal of Deputy Determination or an Appeal of Appeals Examiner’s Decision.
  • Precedent Decision Manual – The Precedent Decision Manual contains over 500 VEC and court cases that interpret the provisions of the Virginia Unemployment Compensation Act. This is a useful research tool especially for claimants, employers, attorneys and accountants.
  • Guidance Documents – Case Decisions – In addition to the Precedent Decision Manual, the VEC has identified a number of case decisions that are frequently cited in its opinions, these case decisions have been designated as guidance documents, and are a useful supplement to the Precedent Decision Manual.
  • Unpublished Court of Appeals Opinions – This file is in PDF format. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 in order to view this file.

Job Seeker Services

  • Employment information on wage data, skill requirements as well as industry and occupational trends.
  • Access to jobs posted on numerous websites.
  • Register for Job Services.
  • Resume builder, job search tools, and research employers.

Employer Services

  • File or Pay your Taxes online – I-Reg/I-File, your one stop for filing and/or paying your taxes and registering a new business.
  • Employer only Online Mass Claims Filing such as file unemployment insurance claims and payments on behalf of their employees that experience either a permanent or temporary layoff. This process is for employer use only.
  • Post a Job or find a candidate – if you have a username and password, then you can use Virginia Workforce Connection to post a job or find a candidate.

Contact at:

VEC Central Office
John R. Broadway, Commissioner
703 E. Main St
Richmond, 23219

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 1358
Richmond, VA 23218-1358

For more information about VaEmploy.com, visit URL: http://www.vec.virginia.gov/vecportal/.

Source: http://www.vec.virginia.gov/vecportal

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4 User Reviews of "VaEmploy.com – Virginia Unemployment Benefits website"
  1. Judith Hantl says:

    I need information on my unemployment account,. I was told by your office that an extension of my benefits would automatically start. This does not appear to have happened, and I am unable to get any info on my account on phone automated system. Someone please call me at 661-755-1843

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  2. Judith Hantl says:

    I am unable to find the department that I need on this website. I do not find it user friendly at all.

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  3. Bennie Stevens says:

    I need information on how to write a resume for unemployment purposes.

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  4. Mike Price says:

    The link to file weekly claim isnt working. The number to call to make claims by phone isnt working. How else can I file my weekly claim to keep getting benifits?

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