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Stafftimer – Calculate and manage Employee work time

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Proper paying to your staff requires a complex series of steps to find out actually how many hours a staff member has worked. It’s very important to have a specific method of tracking your staff’ hours worked. Now, work time calculation & management is made quite simple by Stafftimer. It provides business full control on their staff attendances. Stafftimer can save lots of money and time of your business. It is powerful tool for small, medium and big companies and organizations. One good thing about Stafftimer is that it is available for 30 days free trail and different plans are offered as per the number of employees required. Stafftimer comes with various features in order to calculate and manage employee work time, so let’s check it out here.

Stafftimer - Calculate and manage Employee work time

Stafftimer is one of the products of Worktimers, which is intended for business owners or managers who want a cost effective way to monitor and manage employee hours. There are several ways to monitor worked hours, and what makes Worktimers stands out is the varied number of tools it comes with. The application gives a good deal of details and insight that is speedily available so managers and business owners can make quick decisions regarding the project changes. Worktimers provide free trial periods, competitive pricing plans, and also customizations to meet your individual requirements.

Stafftimer allows the staff Clock in, Clock out. The Manager can easily setup all staff members, name, payrate and obtain entire reports including hours worked, hourly history reports and completely automated wages reports. Managers can get accurate and detailed information from any device and place with 24/7 internet access.

A number of features are provided by Stafftimer including easy import of employee data and export report data, many locations supported with geo location, several back-office managers/admin with diverse access levels, full offline check in/out functionality supported, easy and quick employee clock in/out with 5 digit pass code, internet database for remote and “anytime/anywhere” information access, flexible and custom reporting, unlimited company departments for smart reporting, customizations on request, custom clock in/out logo, email support and free future upgrades.

Stafftimer offers a 30 day free trail period and if you like the service then select from nearly 5-6 paid plans given. The paid plans are listed as per the number of employees required, like €4.99 monthly for up to 5 employees, €9.99 – 10 employees, €14.99 – 20 employees, €19.99 – 50 employees, etc.

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Positive points:

  • Have full control on all employees working hours
  • Employee work time calculation & management made simple
  • No installation required
  • Make reports using real time data
  • Clock in, Clock out, and complete wages reports
  • Save a lot of money and time of your business
  • 30 days Free trial or paid plans are offered

Negative points:

  • Service is not available wholly free for lifetime

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