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Speek.com – Effortless conference calls from Web, Android, iOS and Windows Phone

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No need to waste time and money on travelling or scheduling face to face meeting, because now you can do it easily through conference call that becomes easier with Speek.com.

Instead of scheduling face to face meeting – companies and small business use conference call service, a hassle free and cost effective way to manage their business operation and hold important meetings. You don’t need to make multiple phone calls to many people, because you can complete the task just with one click through teleconferencing. However, traditional conference becomes little difficult sometimes, because it requires phone number, password and if web site is involved then users also require registration. If you have passed out from this type of difficulties or want to do conference call easily, then you should definitely check out Speek.com, by which you can set up and join a conference call without downloading or setting up. Users can enjoy it on browser, android, iOS and window phone and stay connected without the hassles of traditional conference calls.

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A Conference call keeps your meetings focused, achieves more productive meetings, allows fast thinking when immediate action is required, lessens expenses of costly telecommunications, etc. Now, you can make it easily through Speek.com which is a painless conference tool…works like a charm. It is created by John Bracken and Danny Boice. When both entrepreneurs spent time on conference call they were a faced difficulty that’s why they have decided to create a better conference call experience. This web and mobile application makes your conference call experience much more pleasant. You don’t require phone number and pin number to make a conference call through speek.com because it uses personal and business link to make a call.

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Using a Speek link, you can make conference call from your phone, web or mobile browser. For it, you have to click the Speek link to get started or join call. You are also enabled to see who is connected, who’s talking, share files, utilize call controls and more. Making a conference call with Speek is much easier…no downloads or setting up required. The call makers have to just register themselves with an account and secure their own username. After registration, it gives unique link which will be created by using your added username, for all future conference calls.

For web conferencing and online meeting, speek is really simple. To get started, you have to register in the site with username. Once you have registered and confirm your availability, it will ask your email address, password and some other details. You can use your own name to create your own link or page for hosting your meeting. After creating your link, you don’t need to type and enter complex PINs, codes and password. You have to access your page on your browser to make conference call.

You can also connect with website or application through facebook or Google+ account. You can also enter another speek name to connect a phone call. It displays the name of Speek users on the screen, but one of the best thing about this feature is that it displays name of whoever is speaking with a blue box so there is no confusion. With this service, you can not talk instantly, but also share images and files. Everything works on single browser, so you can hold meeting and participate in meeting on your mobile phone, computer and other mobile device.

To arrange meeting on conference call on speek.com, set a date and time… and then invite your participants. The invitations can be sent through email, calendar invite, instant message, text messages or any other possible way. It also gives invitation link to invite your friends to join speek. User can join conference call just by entering their speek name on their application and speek.com and application. There is no chance for missing another conference call.

To join a meeting, open your own speek link in your browser. You can replace host name with the name of your host. After that, enter the number of the phone that you want to use for communication. Once you entered it, speek will call you. Upon answering the call, you will connect with meeting and see the icon for you on the interface. Users are also able to join meeting using landline phone, mobile phone or their computer via VoIP Call.

However, Speek is not available with more features. With free plan, you can participants with up to 5 people per meeting. If you want to use speek service for business, then you should use its pro plan, by which you can connect with unlimited number of people during conference call. Moreover, you can share files & images, chat with friends and record calls during calls with pro plan.

It is also available with further more helpful features like seeing who is online, who joined in and who left, who is talking, mute/remove callers, connect to social media, see call statistic, etc. The dashboard of the site is available with records and other management-related information. Users are also able to access their call history like dates of calls, participants, files shared and more.

All in all, speek is really best application for anyone to make conference call because it is a simple and hassle-free way to connect with others. However, you can not use this application or website for making many conference calls, but it is best to stay in touch with our family all at once. It is one of the best substitutes of Skype. It is completely free and awesome, so it is good to try it at least one time to enjoy effortless conference call.


  • Easy to use
  • Nothing to download and install
  • No scheduling — your Speek line is always open
  • No elevator music
  • No dial-in numbers or PINs during conference call
  • Talk instantly with one-click calls
  • Free and unlimited for up to 5 participants
  • Allow to use your own name to create sheek link which is easily sharable and simple
  • It is web-based service, works only on browser
  • Works on all mobile
  • You can connect with speek through facebook or Google+ account
  • See who is joined the conference call, know who is talking
  • Add or remove participants
  • Share files, images, and do chat during calls
  • Record conference calls
  • Integrated with Google Drive, Dropbox, and more


  • Only available in US
  • Limited set of features for free plan
  • Only allow five participants per meeting for free plan

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