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Peers.me – Do Group Conversations by Email

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Save time as well as budget by doing less email and get better results for you and your group through Peers.me. Do group conversations by email with this new application, which can be useful for all – school, sports team, company, or community. It has been made very easy by this plugin to access the public profiles and publications right through the Peers.me API. Its main objective is to make work much easier for those who have to message big groups of people concurrently.

Peers.me - Do Group Conversations by Email

Peers.me has been started in 2011 and currently in Public Beta with thousands of users. It is free to use for small userbase, but takes charge if your userbase is rising. There’s no necessitate for long term contracts by purchasing Peers credits since the credits are used on your active user-base. Catch hold of this advanced messaging service for groups as it handles huge emails in a way that ensures you will never miss track of anything.

How it works?

You can communicate in group form with this free webapp. You have to simply create an account for your community/organization at the site, make groups and invite new members. Each user can set up a group, with which one can easily communicate. Peers.me is centered on the waves, so as soon as you signup, you will be provided a custom *.peers.me URL to access your wave inbox. The substitute for an email is wave, which is the main part of your group’s conversation. For every diverse topic of discussion, you can create a wave.

By the group, you have selected to initiate the wave in, the participants in a wave are determined, which is in turn decided by your formation of one from the sidebar menu. This seems just like the new site Google+ Circles. Waves works as an usual email, where you can write and format text and embed media to be shared with the addressees of the wave. To a wave, Hashtags can be applied just like Twitter to be sorted easily afterward; however the results while finding for a hashtag are restricted only to the waves you are integrated in, unlike Twitter. It is positive thing for the privacy-conscious users.

Peers.me - Do Group Conversations by Email

You will obtain every day a ‘daily digest’ of your unread waves, thus you can know all about the newest developments. Peers.me wants to put an end to the confusion that arises while linking with several people at the same time through email. All conversations here are located in a context that makes everything directly relevant, and that is parting no participant uncertain about what was said earlier.

Positive points:

  • Intended for premium group performance and publishing content.
  • Begin sharing your knowledge and ideas through group conversations by email.
  • Keeps every person involved in an uncomplicated way with hosted conversations.
  • Keeps your email inbox clean.

Negative points:

  • Free for up to 10 users only.
  • It is not known until now when personal accounts are going to be accessible.
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