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MyGreenDot.com – Activate & Manage Green Dot Prepaid Card

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My Green Dot provides Re-loadable Prepaid Cards that can be used anywhere debit MasterCard or Visa debit cards are accepted worldwide. You don’t need personal credit to apply the card and it can also be used at ATMs. Getting a Greendot Prepaid Debit Card is a good idea as there is no Penalty fees, no overdraft fees and no minimum balance required. Purchases and ATM withdrawals are deducted from the balance stored on the card.

MyGreenDot.com - Activate & Manage Green Dot Prepaid Card

In 1999, Steve Streit founded the Green Dot Corporation whose headquarters is in Monrovia, California. It is a leading provider of Prepaid Debit Cards and previously recognized as Next Estate Communications. Card programs to Wal-Mart, Boost Mobile, AT&T and Citibank are offered by the company. Green Dot debit cards are obtainable at CVS, KMart, Korger, Rite Aid, 7-Eleven, Walgreens and thousands of other retailers worldwide. The balance of green dot prepaid card can be checked online before use.

Greendot has several types of Cards such as Prepaid Visa Card, Prepaid Master Card, Prepaid Student Card, NASCAR Visa Card, Online Shopping Card, Express Bill Pay Card and VISA Prepagada. Direct deposit is the most suitable way to add funds to your Green Dot card and you will get $10 Bonus when you sign up for direct deposit. You will obtain a temporary card when you first purchase Green Dot Debit Card. While you wait for permanent Debit card in the mail temporary card can be used to pay for your purchases.

After activating the temporary card you can reload it by retailer or by an online reload from bank. Temporary card can be use at anyplace where debit VISA or Debit MasterCard is accepted in the US for non pin transactions. You can also use it for online purchases but until you receive your permanent card you can not use it for debit card purchase. Also a temporary card cannot be used at ATMs and to buy outside the US.

How to Register Your Card?

Visit www.mygreendot.com and on the left side of the homepage there is an option “Register your Card” click on that. Registering the card will take few minutes and then you will be able to use your Temporary Card immediately. To register, just enter the 16 digit card number found on the front of the Temporary Card, 3 digit security code on the back of the card and press “Continue” button. Now on the next page enter email, contact information and click on “Next.” You will be able to transfer funds to Green Dot card if you have online banking. Enter your banking information as you will be charged a purchase fee and a monthly activation fee. By calling Green Dot or logging onto the Web site you can add funds to your card after you set up your account. Now your card is activated and you can start to use it once you have sufficient funds.

Process to Cancel Green Dot Credit Card:

To cancel Green Dot Credit Card call customer service number that is given on the back of card. You may call 1-877-434-3578 if you don’t have. Enter 16-digit card number and if you don’t know your card number enter Social Security number followed by the pound key. Choose the alternative to cancel your account and stay for a customer service representative. Provide information like name, Social Security number and billing address to the customer service representative and inform him that you want to cancel your account. Ask him to send verification of account cancellation through the mail or via email.

To check the balance of the card visit www.mygreendot.com and on the left side of the homepage there is “account log-in” option. Just enter your card number in the “Account Number” box and select the expiration date from the card. Type password, enter the code in the final box and click on “Log-in” you can see your balance on the screen.

Source: https://www.mygreendot.com/greendot

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