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Turbotaxcard.com: Track your Tax Refund using TurboTax Card

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It always becomes hectic but yet very important concern for everyone to know every detail about what is going on with their taxes and tax refunds. Specially, to carry on your bank balance and your daily expenditures in correspondence with tracking the tax returns; it is very challenging and complicated task to do. Fortunately, we have one certified module for United States, which is ideal for taxes and tax refund solutions. Turbo tax is simply the best service, which helps to organize both, your expense and tax returns. Once you get your Turbo Tax Card, you can easily manage it online with the help of website – Turbotaxcard.com.

Turbotaxcard.com: Track your Tax Refund using TurboTax Card

Turbo Tax uses Mac as the operating system that’s why at first; it was called MacinTax, created by Michael A. Chipman in 1980s. It is very well known income tax arrangement software for national as well as state income tax returns and has a great place in market with their leading competitors like Tax ACT, H&R Block at Home. Turbotaxcard.com is not only operating in the United States but also in Canada, in English and French language.

With the help of www.Turbotaxcard.com, anyone who have online account and social security number, can maintain their Turbo Tax Card for 24/7. Home page of website provides you a log in button tagged as “Returning Customer?” which leads you to sign in to your account. It also provides the ‘Get Started’ tab which helps the customer to create an account. Moreover, the home page of site includes direct links like Track Your Tax Refund Online, Download the TurboTax Card app for iPhone and Download the TurboTax Card app for Android for simplicity of customer. On the top of the home page, see navigations as Home, Card Benefits, Add Money, Go Mobile, Protect Your Identity, and Track Refund.

The person who is planning to get the Turbo Tax Card must see the page “Card Benefits”. It helps you to understand all the benefits of this card. If you lost your Turbo Tax Card, you will get all your money back. You can only use the cash amount which you have in your card. On this page of site, you will get all the information about rewards that can you obtain with Turbo Tax Card and links for downloading this app on mobile.

Add Money section will give you all information about how you can put money on your Card in three different ways – Free Direct Deposit, Add Cash and Bank Account Transfer. Free Direct Deposit helps you to transfer your money of checks or deposit directly to your Turbo Tax Card. Add Cash option allows you to add money to your card in the form of recharge coupon. If any person wants to refill money to their Card via Bank account, they have to go for Bank Account Transfer option.

Go Mobile section gives you all information about how to download this application on iPhone and Android phones. Even if you want the app link to be sent to you by means of email; you will see one window on Go Mobile page in left side, where you can enter your email address and when you click on the ‘Send’ button, you will receive the link on your email address.

When we are dealing with something related to money and that too on internet, it becomes the priority of any organization to provide security and identity protection to their customers. By visiting the “Protect Your Identity” section, you can get information about ‘TrustedID’, when you activate it, you will be secured from identity theft. It also provides internet scanning to keep an eye on your account, examine to SSN (Social Security Number), Facebook Privacy Monitor, $50,000 Service Warranty, Lost Wallet Protection, etc.

One of the very useful sections on Turbotaxcard.com is “Track Refund”, which allows you to track your tax refund any time by just providing your Date of Birth and Social Security Number on this page.

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  • Add money to your Turbo Tax Card by means of prepaid coupons, directly from your bank account and by direct transferring paycheck amount
  • Helps to secure your online access with TrustedID
  • Accessible on iPhone and Android phones by downloading app for free
  • There are no charges for activation, sign up and transactions
  • Add money on your card by any method without any extra charges
  • Track your tax refund any time, anywhere by providing your SSN and birth date
  • In case, you lost your card, your all amount will be given back to you


  • When you use this card in ATM you will be charged, for cash withdrawal $2.50 per transaction and for balance/statement inquiry $0.50 per transaction

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