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LoomiDeck.com – Enterprise social network for SMEs and educational institutions

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Are you looking for an online collaboration tool for your business? Loomideck, an easy to use and highly effective collaboration platform may be the right choice for SMEs and educational institutions.

All businesses, whether small or large, always look for new ways to improve productivity in the workplace. Team collaboration is one of the most important factors when it comes to improving productivity and efficiency. Team members are required to meet each other physically for discussing how the project is going and to provide feedback. These days, 100s of collaboration tools are available online that lets your team to work together smoothly and efficiently without need to meet in person. One such collaboration tool is LoomiDeck.com.

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LoomiDeck.com is a highly effective collaboration platform for SMEs and educational institutions. It will be re-launched on 1st July. The site is straightforward and simple to use. It has creative, intuitive and user-friendly web interface. It offers variety of rich features that makes online collaboration quick and efficient. It lets users to communicate, share updates and collect information within their team while working on specific goals and projects no matter where they are or what time of day is it.

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Users can create their team by sending invitations through email. You can share files, discuss ideas and manage projects with your teammates. Everything you share within the team is available for all the teammates. You can get the latest news from your team on a single unified dashboard. You can also check overview of a single team by selecting the team from dropdown.

The shared files & bookmarks are sorted by date and can be shared in just few clicks. You are able to see every teammate statistics. All you have to do is select team and press profile. You are allowed to chat with the whole team by pressing “Conversations”. Simply, hit the phone in a side and start private conversation. You can even share files with conversation participants.

If you are connected with Facebook, you are able to notify and be notified by your teammates while being offline. Loomideck is not free of cost, but you can get a free trail before purchasing a subscription plan. Loomideck offers three different subscription plans for startups, e-learning and corporate.

Good points:

  • Straightforward and simple to use
  • Creative, intuitive and user-friendly web interface
  • Highly effective collaboration platform
  • One click file sharing
  • Virtual meeting rooms
  • Unified dashboard
  • Lets private conversation
  • Allows viewing teammates statistics
  • Access content from anywhere

Bad points:

  • Charges fee

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