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Jobsarium.com – Manage and accelerate your Job Search

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Nowadays the job search is taking place 24/7, and it’s essential to find out the best tool that can offer you extra benefits. There are lots of job seekers and job offering companies, but one big problem they face is that they don’t find proper platform which connects them in better way. That’s where Jobsarium.com comes in, which manages and accelerates your Job Search. Whether you are in an active job search at present, or you wish to prepare for a pending change in your career, start using the Jobsarium.com right now. It facilitates you with a job search, your career management as well as your professional networking. Register now at Jobsarium.com and learn how you can take advantage of it to forward your career. Check out this free application Jobsarium.com that can help you own your online identity, build a powerful database of professional contacts, and locate a job in your region in a flash.

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Jobsarium.com - Manage and accelerate your Job Search

It is true that only the person who has gone through the problem can understand the feelings of other one facing the same condition in the life; feeling this, a revolutionary tool that accelerates & organizes your Job search has been made by a long term job seeker for everybody looking for a new position. Now become free from the heaps of speedily jotted notes in scatter notebooks or files, also you are free from the scraps of paper with that all essential contact details fallen behind your desk as now all your job details and notes are just a click away using Jobsarium.com.

Jobsarium is similar to a CRM simply intended for the job searcher. Take back control of your job search with the help of this web based management system. You will get here a running list of positions applied to, people contacted, details researched, and numerous other details. Jobsarium is simple to use – you will be always at the top of your job search in less than one hour. The features offered by Jobsarium are just outstanding; here you could enter as many jobs as you wish, keep an eye on milestones like resume submitted and interview scheduled, plus as you arrive at milestones it will send you assignments to complete for getting the next milestone. Furthermore, it will monitor resumes and other documents associated with each job. Jobsarium even lets you to create Notes related with the job that you can refer back to later.

Step-by-step process for using Jobsarium

If you are searching for a job and submitting for many jobs (which is very ordinary currently), then Jobsarium can assist you organize your job search. First of all register on the website then login to get started. Once you successfully login, you will be directed to the main screen. Just hit on the Add New Job button located at the top of the page. Type the Position Name and Company Name in the Add Job box. Then mention the new job info including company address, how did you find this job?, contact number, email address, company web page, etc. After providing all the necessary details about a new job, you can view it in the main screen. Simply press on a job in the main screen and go to the job screen, where you are able to edit this job, see the job posting, etc. Once you add the Submit Resume milestone, you need to upload your Resume and Cover letter. Get a new task that is labeled ‘Followup with Job Poster’. Click on a task in the new box; type the task completion date and any notes.

In simple and clear-cut words, read the overall working operations of this Employer Relationship Managment system: Create a Job and maintain important info about that job, then generate milestones associated with that job – submitting a resume, scheduling a phone interview, and more. As you make a milestone, Jobsarium will produce tasks that you need to complete.


  • A wonderful tool to accelerate & organize your Job search
  • Keep track of resume submitted, interview scheduled, other documents linked to each job
  • Get milestones and chores for each job to keep you on path
  • Use document management to keep your resumes and cover letters prearranged
  • You can make Notes related with the job in order to refer back later

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