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IRSOfficersOnline.org : Indian Revenue Service (IRS) Officers Online

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Indian Revenue Service (IRS) Officers’ online website is IRSOfficersOnline.org introduced by the Central Board of Direct Taxes with the intention of providing useful information about Indian revenue for the members of Indian Revenue Service and public. Get IRS information, IRS important announcements, media center, Direct Taxes Institutions, IRS Community, and IRS Official Communique: Transfer, Posting & Promotion information about IRS all in one place.

IRSOfficersOnline.org : Indian Revenue Service (IRS) Officers Online

Indian Revenue Service

Revenue Service is the one of the leading Union Civil Services of India who works with Incometax department. This service was recognized as an independent Central Service in 1953 and named as Indian Revenue Service (Income Tax). The web portal for Indian Revenue Service www.irsofficersonline.org was launched on 1st September 2003. Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has introduced this website to provide web based facility for creating and updating service profiles of IRS officers in real time.

Indian Revenue Service (IRS) Officers Online

Through Indian Revenue Service (IRS) Officers Online website, all Indian citizens can get the details information about the taxes that they pay and calculate their taxes on the different kind of Income & revenue. Making data entry for over 4000 IRS Officers requires not only extra manpower but also time. In spite of, it was felt that the data will lack complete accuracy so it was advisable that IRS Officers would create and maintain their own service data themselves by providing them with password protected access on www.irsofficersonline.org.

The website is also used for online applications of transfer requests. Recently, Indian Revenue Service has declared transfers and postings of officers in the grade of Commissioner of Income tax.  The employee of this department starts career as Assistant Commissioners of Income Tax and their level may be increased as Chief Commissioners of Income Tax.

At the academy in Nagpur, Indian Revenue Services (Income-tax) Officers can get the training and they will be posted as Assistant Commissioners for assessment or other work, after training. The Indian Revenue Services department has specialized branches that dealing with investigation of tax evasion and statistics while the main work of the department is assessment and recovery of direct taxes with the help of Assistant Directors.

For more information, visit www.irsofficersonline.org.

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