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InvoiceBerry.com – Online invoicing and Expense tracking Tool

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Sending invoices to your clients for payments and afterward reminding them again and again to pay for the services takes a lot of time and paperwork, also the work becomes annoying when you have numerous clients to ask for. For this purpose, the simplest mode is to opt for an online solution as offered by Invoiceberry. It is easy-to-use online invoicing tool that comes with a simple editor for the formation and instant delivery of your invoices. The features make it extremely trouble-free to manage records and invoices from anywhere with Internet access. The invoices appear professional and it will reflect excellent on any business.

InvoiceBerry.com - Online invoicing and Expense tracking Tool

This web app was founded in 2010. It is very effective and useful for small businesses, sole traders, freelancers, and start-ups in mind. Both digital and postal invoices are supported by it to add to the ease and comfort of the user. Businesses can generate, send and manage their quotes and invoices; as well they can monitor expenses, payments and unpaid invoices and send invoice reminders. One can send invoices through e-mail or Royal Mail from their Invoiceberry account directly. Businesses can keep track of their company’s performance and see different reports with their expense function.

The interface of Invoiceberry is user friendly and not too complicated. The web app is suitable for both small and big business holders. There are 3 diverse plans for users – Free, Solo and Pro, available for free, $15/month and $30/month respectively. Sign up for free right now and utilize Invoiceberry for as long as you wish for free if you have up to 3 clients and 1 user to manage. In the Solo plan, get access for up to 35 clients and 2 users; while in the Pro plan, get access to unlimited clients and 10 users. Unlimited invoices are included in all three plans and both paid account plans come with 30-day free trial! No credit cards are necessary to try any of the plans.

Moreover, one of the main worries of the users is the security of their data as it consists of lots of financial transactions. Your accounts and logins are protected with a 256-bit AES SSL encryption to make sure data safety. In case of system failure, back ups are even provided. Other good thing is that the app works with all the operating systems – Mac, Windows, Linux and Ubuntu.

How it works?

Users for all accounts have to complete the same registration process. After providing necessary details for registration, you will be directed to a one time setup screen. Follow 4 simple steps. Once you set up the account, you can generate invoices. Enter your first and last name, country, address, and VAT registration – if applicable. Your next step is to select date format, paper format (A4 or American Letter), currency and language. In the last step, you should upload a logo. That’s all – now start the use of Invoiceberry.

The dashboard is well designed and easy to use. It displays all your unpaid invoices, recent activities, revenues, expenses and cash flow and gives you all necessary information on one particular page. Click on the Dashboard tab and obtain a Get Started link for making new clients and invoices, plus a link to customize invoice template and outgoing emails from the Invoiceberry account. In order to customize the template, use your logo or another image if you want, and select from basic invoice templates available in striking colors. Each style could be previewed and afterward chosen. Email customization lets you to choose what detail is included in the email that accompanies the invoice. This comprises the client company and/or name, invoice number, total of invoice and outstanding figure.

For adding a new client, mention company details. As well, there is a space for client contact details (other than the mailing address) and a space for in-house notes that are not shared with the client. Same way, adding an item is simple – enter item name, description, price, quantity, and drop down tax menus. You can even create quotes, get them approved and spin them into invoices. To make a quote, just enter the client, date, PO number and any discount; however price, taxes, quantity, line- total, sub-total, and quote-total; all are auto filled from the saved information. There is also a space to set terms and conditions in addition to making this a default, a region for notes to the customer, and the choice to set an expiry date for the quote.

Additionally, after client is saved in your Invoice Berry account; you can invoice him straightaway within seconds. You can send your invoices online through emails or opt for sending them through posts. Note that emails are free, whereas postage is done through Royal mail which contains postal charges as applied consequently. You can even send reminders to your clients through emails.

The major benefit of using Invoice Berry over others is formation of Reports and track of all expenses. You can calculate your company’s profits/losses directly from your dashboard, and thus eradicate the weak points. This feature will help your company to grow at a much faster rate than ever before.

Positive points:

  • Create, send and manage all your invoices from your account
  • Three different pricing plans for users
  • Send an unlimited number of invoices per month in all 3 plans
  • Pro and Team plans allow you deal with an unlimited numbers of clients
  • You can always download invoices as PDFs
  • Send invoices through e-mail or Royal Mail
  • Also create both revenue and expenses reports

Invoiceberry – How to send invoices online? demo video from youtube:

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