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Hall.com – Free Group messaging for business communication

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No matter whether you are running a small company or big enterprise, if you want a better way to communicate and stay connected, then Hall.com comes with all tools that a team requires to work together.

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There are literally hundreds of group communication services accessible on the web, and Hall.com is one among them that helps teams and companies communicate in real-time. It is best messaging network built for business that provides super-easy and interactive interface. Hall is a service for rapidly creating and hosting online collaboration spaces and it is used by thousands of companies, from small businesses to the world’s leading enterprises such as Amazon, Intuit and Nike. It provides all the tools essential for teams to get together and chat while working remotely. Its features include private group chat, instant messaging (IM, video chat, screen sharing), and other core collaborative functions.

<Hall.com - Free Group messaging for business communication

In 2011, Hall.com was launched by Brett Hellman and Ron Adams (former Yahoo employees) and Sanjay Kotagiri (former GoDaddy employee). The app is good for employees of a company with a flexible communications policy. Moreover, it works outstanding between employees that might be using various kinds of devices and operating systems at any given time. Companies can utilize Hall.com in order to communicate internally. The app is intended to assist team members chat, exchange files and videos, and send e-mail from one place. As well, it can be used to create communications and teams amid diverse companies.

Using Hall.com, all communications associated with a definite project can be confined to a particular app, which makes it easier to get up to speed or pursue a project in the direction of its conclusion. Meanwhile, communications are encrypted for superior protection. What makes Hall.com different from other competitor apps is that it makes it simple to add members of a group, although they are not in the same company.

How it works?

First of all you need to register on the website to start the use of the app. For this purpose, enter your work e-mail address in a box that given on the main screen of the app. When you first start using it, the app looks somewhat like a typical chat window – “The War Room,” which is called as the communications box. This fast, secure chat room is the Hall’s main feature, which allows the team get together and discuss. You can easily add others from your company to “The War Room.” Moreover, you can even add people you know on LinkedIn or Facebook to join in project discussions and share about a specific project or subject.

Screen sharing feature is also offered, hence a team can see presentations and other items as if they were sitting in a conference room. An instant messenger feature can be used to take your messages privately. Video chat option helps you and your team to select face to face approach. The easy structure of the app lets simplicity of use from a range of various devices and operating systems. This simplicity of use makes it easier for companies who follow a Bring Your Own Devices policy. If your team is finding for a best way to communicate with each other, then Hall.com may be the right choice.

The Hall desktop app runs on Windows and Mac while the Hall web app is six times faster compared to the existing enterprise solutions. With the help of free mobile web app and the iPhone app, stay connected to Hall 24/7. Hall.com is available free for individuals and small teams to use. They offer premium accounts for big companies. Three types of accounts are given – Personal, Business and Enterprise grade; select whichever fits your requirements.

Good points:

  • A clutter free interface particularly designed for group messaging
  • User friendly service available wholly free
  • Communications are carried out in a chat-style window called “The War Room”
  • It provides features like group chat, video chat, instant messaging, etc.
  • Share videos, files, chat and e-mail with team members from one place
  • Invite friends from Facebook or connections from LinkedIn to join a session on a project
  • Bank-level encryption for all internal communications
  • Allows communication from a range of devises and operating systems

Bad points:

  • Limited features available to use for free users

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