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cct.com.sg – Capitacommercial trust Singapore

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www.cct.com.sg is the official website of CapitaCommercial Trust (CCT), first commercial real estate investment trust (REIT) of Singapore, which was listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited on 11 May 2004. In the Central Area of Singapore, 11 quality commercial buildings are owned by CCT. In Malaysia, commercial properties are owned by Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, CCT is listed on it with 30% stake in Quill Capita Trust, a commercial REIT. In CapitaLand’s first and largest private real estate fund, Malaysia Commercial Development Fund, CCT also has a 7.4% stake. CCT is investing in quality income-producing properties predominantly, which is used for commercial purposes.

cct.com.sg – Capitacommercial trust Singapore

Capitacommercial trust’s mission is to deliver long-term sustainable distribution and total returns to Unit holders and vision of the Capitacommercial trust is to be a premier commercial REIT in Singapore and Asia, backed by a portfolio of quality income-producing commercial buildings, and led by a team of dedicated and experienced management personnel.

CCT has about 25,000 Unitholders as at 2 March 2009 according to its register from Central Depository (Pte) Ltd. As at 2 November 2009, CCT has 2,813,915,220 Units in issue. On a semi-annual basis, CCT pays distribution in 60 days after the close of every half year/six months. Under Financial Information tool, past financial results of CCT can be founded on the website. Convertible bonds of five-year maturity will be issued by Capitacommercial Trust, with an aggregate principal amount of no less than $225 million, convertible into new units in the capital of CCT.

The stock symbols of CCT are

  • ISIN Code: SG1P32918333
  • SGX Ticker Code: CapitaComm
  • SGX Stock Symbol: C61U.SG
  • Bloomberg: CCT SP
  • Reuters: CACT.SI

Contact Capitacommercial trust at:

CapitaCommercial Trust Management Limited
As manager of CapitaCommercial Trust
39 Robinson Road
#18-01 Robinson Point
Singapore 068911

Tel: (65) 6536 1188
Fax: (65) 6533 6133
Email: ask-us@capitacommercial.com

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