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BreezeClock.com – Online time tracking application for small businesses

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Companies, where clients are paid by the hour, know the importance of accurate employee time-tracking data. Employees, particularly hourly employees, do not work for the same number of hours daily; so, time tracking becomes difficult. Many companies still depend on old-fashioned and time-consuming spreadsheets or paper-based timekeeping methods for calculating the working time of employees. If you have small businesses, then BreezeClock.com is here to make your time-tracking process easy.

employee time tracking on BreezeClock.com

BreezeClock.com is founded in October, 2011 by Chris Liu. This time-tracking tool is designed for small businesses to make doing payroll fast and efficient. It has user-friendly web interface. Users are not required to download or install any software to use the site. It saves both, time and money. It is the best tool for professional services industries as well as small & medium businesses and professional services industries.

To get started, you are required to sign up with the site. The registration process will take only 60 seconds. You will get 30 days free trail and after that, you have to buy a subscription plan. There are three subscription plans: starter, professional and premium. The tool makes it easier to record timesheets and stay organized. The information is updated automatically without any effort.

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Employees are able to Clock in and out from anywhere via desktop and call-in or SMS by phone. They can even record shift summaries and answer the manager’s comments. Users can approve time sheets and generate the accurate payroll reports with overtime, holidays and PTO (paid time off) in seconds. They can even personalize the report to match their accounting requirements.

Users can quickly and easily track their billable hours and make better decisions for your projects. The generated reports can be used for faster paychecks. Moreover, the reports can be exported to PDF and Excel and imported into the accounting software as spreadsheets.

Managers are able to view what their employees are doing or working on from anywhere in the world. All data is backed-up daily, thanks to the art cloud technology.


  • User friendly web interface
  • No need to download or install any software
  • It saves time and money
  • Simple registration process
  • 30 days free trail
  • Clock in and out from anywhere
  • Create reports with overtime, holidays and paid time off
  • Let you track Billable Hours
  • Export reports to PDF & Excel
  • It work on any device
  • Data Security


  • It charges fee

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