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BookMyForex.com – Buy or Sell Foreign Currency

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Save more at BookMyForex.com! Here, get the best, better-than-bank currency exchange rates on foreign purchases or international payments without any risk.

Every country runs its own currency… Dollar for United States, Rupee for India, Yen for Japan, Renminbi for China, Euro for Germany, etc. You can’t use domestic currency for buying foreign goods or services or for making any financial transactions overseas. If you are in your own country, no problem at all!!! But if you are planning to move to another one, you must have foreign currency of that country. To exchange money, not only trust on the active and beneficial one, but prefer the reliable one. As foreign currency transactions are sensitive to fluctuations in the exchange rate, your agreed price could rise or fall as per the exchange rate changes. This is repetitive condition in the current economic market, wherein currency is fluctuating every day. Don’t worry, make your visit at BookMyForex.com – it allows you to buy/sell foreign currency notes/forex travel cards at live as well as best rates. It’s really great! Even, you are facilitated with other benefits like door delivery at no extra cost, along with full suite of forex services and products like currency notes, prepaid travel cards, traveler’s cheques, foreign currency demand draft, also foreign currency wire transfer. So, exchange your money with full benefits and full trust!

Exchange Indian Rupees

BookMyForex.com is the best service by nature, as it was conceptualized and founded by the most well-known people in the Indian forex industry. The company CEO – Sudarshan Motwani is former head of Foreign Exchange Services at ING Vysya Bank and HDFC Bank. Based on its remarkable experience in the Indian banking/foreign exchange markets, the man offers first e-commerce platform of its kind to make buying and selling foreign exchange simple and convenient in India. Now, it is considered to be new business vertical in Indian banks with full success. It is great achievement that recently the company has recorded with booking of Rs 16 crore worth of forex.

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Live exchange rate is the best thing about this service. Generally, when you go to a bank for money change, you get a flat rate for the whole day. Not here, you can get the best price for your money with live exchange rates. Live rates help a lot to customers in deciding when to set off transfer. It means you can make the most profitable decision and increase your saving more and more.

Another best thing is that BookMyForex.com has tied up with some of the most reputed banks and exchange companies in India to deliver Forex products and make payments. Also, it facilitates you tp pick-up forex from over 4000 locations (including over 2500 partner bank branches) in India. For more convenience, it offers door delivery for orders more than Rs 25,000.

With door delivery option, you can get your exchanged money at the same day or next day. You are charged nothing for door delivery service only if your order is over Rs. 75,000. As BookMyForex has tied up with Axis Bank, you can pick-up your foreign exchange from any of Axis bank branches or bookmyforex locations. Thus, your order can be received from hundreds of locations across India.

Four important tabs are placed on the top menu bar to access main activities – Buy forex, Sell forex, Money transfer, and Travel insurance. Here is no chance of rate haggling, as you can get live, transparent and always competitive exchange rates right on the welcome page. On the same page, you will get chart of both buying or selling rates of different currencies. Also, you are allowed to lock-in the displayed live rates right away.

Bookmyforex is totally customer-friendly. It is really simple and easy to book order at the site. You can get pleasant order process at the fullest, as it facilitates your order from the start to end. To get started, select the suitable product with the option of door delivery or branch pick-up option. At the time of executing your order, choose the live rate shown on the site or choose to keep your rates open until the time of order completion.

This way, just freeze your exchange rate by opting for a fixed rate order. While booking order, you will be informed about the essential documents for the transaction. You have to submit documents for verification. It is necessary to pay a fully refundable deposit of 2% of your total order. As soon as the transaction completes, the money will be returned to you. Payment can be made using bank transfer (NEFT/RTGS), pay order, cheque, cash, credit cards or debit cards.

Most importantly, all your transactions are done with high level of security. Per order, you can rest assured that the currency you get in exchange is genuine and authentic. And, all thanks to the banks’ stringent currency inspection process that you get at BookMyForex.com. The service is rarely available with other money changers. Here, every transaction is processed over a secure HTTPS connection and secured with the highest level of encryption. Even, all your credit card and debit card payments are processed with a secure and trusted payment gateway. What’s more, your credit card/debit card/net banking info is never stored on their servers.

It is really good that you don’t need to maintain an account or create a login ID to book an order on BookMyForex. For more convenience, it allows you to do transactions via phone that makes our life somewhat hassle free. Moreover, it makes you save on other travel related products such as travel insurance and international calling cards. Here, you may be glad to know that you can make extra money for inviting your friends or family, also get discounts on each subsequent order.

You can say that with blend of technology, large countrywide existence, brand new features, and excellent customer support… BookMyForex would be the best choice for your money-exchange.

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