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Aweber.com: Opt-in Email Marketing to grow Business

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Make your website subscriber list growing into the thousands with a nice pace at Aweber, which is an email marketing service provider. You may lost many things if you individually attempt for ways to make a better earning on the internet and desire to enhance the sales figure. Aweber service has relationships with different ISP’s like Yahoo, Hotmail, and others. So, when you connect with such a wide communication network, you will definitely get chance to create wide and lasting customer relationships for your business with over 1, 02,000 + other businesses which have tied with Aweber service. Your customers or subscribers may know you better through messages and there are more chances that they will be ready to buy your recommended products or services.

Aweber.com: Opt-in Email Marketing to grow Business

Aweber autoresponder service is that platform at which you can start, build and maintain a quality email list. Many popular Internet marketers like John Chow, Shoemoney are listed on Aweber and can generate dollars on a regular basis over the large list of the emails. When it comes to the long-term use; Aweber is only choice for many Internet marketers. Also it goes step-by-step with the latest innovations in technology for email marketing. Aweber is all-in-one online marketer solution as it contains a shopping cart, affiliate manager, a click-tracker, autoresponder, and much more.

AWeber has been proven as de facto standard email autoresponder because if you check the feedbacks of the people regarding the service, it is very hard to find any negative comment. All these happen because Aweber successfully make customers happy and satisfied with its efficient service. AWeber service is also easy to use and reputed one.

Aweber enlarge the internet marketer’s reach to the new subscribers, by using a series of automatically delivered follow up emails. The service provider must contain strong and advanced features to take your business to the next level. To share important news or information to the customers, Aweber use best email marketing tools like email newsletters, sign-up forms style, management of subscribers, HTML mail templates, Subscriber segmentation, email marketing tracker, API, RSS to email, autoresponder, and Expert customer support.

What AWeber offers?

Mail deliverability

Today, Mail deliverability is a big concern in email marketing circles, so its delay may harm the prestige of the email responder and service provider. Other online companies are facing great problem when a lot of mail servers block the bunch of emails sent out. But, Aweber service is only which claims that they are able to deliver up to the 99.34% rate to the massive size email marketing campaign and it is enough to choose AWeber.com.

AWeber newsletter

With AWeber newsletter you can distribute your traffic tips to all your subscribers on a weekly basis and it also allows you once-off broadcasts. Newsletter has HTML version and you can send it with a plain text email also. E-mail list is a very powerful resource and keeps you connected with your prospects and clients for successful online business.

Signup Form Templates

There are Hundreds of Signup Form Templates so that you can create an attractive web form in just 3 clicks. To co-ordinate it with their matching email templates, Flexible designs and multiple color schemes are also available there. Optionally, you can choose it from a constantly growing selection available at the site.

List segmentation

List segmenting can add a unique, personal touch to your communications. Create your subscriber segments based on the activities given at the site. You can include an option on the web form so that prospects can be selected from it.


Nowadays email marketing is called follow-up marketing and that’s why Autoresponder is very useful email marketing tool. As new subscribers need special attention and eagerly waited for your response, immediately engage subscribers by Sending unlimited autoresponder messages. No manual sending needed because unlimited autoresponder program delivers emails automatically and Build subscriber trust and confidence. Through this you can send product information or email courses as well as you can use them to answer your customer‘s questions.

HTML email templates

You don’t need to create e-mail manually. With more than 150 HTML email templates, you can make your webpage more compatible with all major email services. Just insert your content, logo and other images into their HTML email templates and send it. This template comes with 1-2 column designs and multiple color schemes to match your brand.


If you have blog, then Aweber will instantly convert your blog posts into the email marketing newsletters with RSS feed. You just need to give a blog detail or feed and inform that how many times you want it to send as message.

Tracker tool

You can know the ups and downs of your business by tracking your campaign’s performance at the Graphs tool. The overall performance is classified in different categories given at the site.


With the API, you can incorporate AWeber’s email marketing software with another service or tool. You can create an app just for your own personal use or make a design that several businesses prefer to use. This can make you able to select and install web forms directly through your app as well as you can view and edit subscriber information with it. Also you can access message and list statistics with open rates, clickthroughs, and sales numbers.

Spam checker

The unique thing is that Aweber service allows you to perform a spam check before you send out an email. Aweber’s control section is very easy to understand and maneuver around without any difficulties which are very supportive for any beginning email marketers. There are few latest posts and great tips on the blog of Aweber that keep the service up-to-date with all aspects of email marketing.

Webinars, Tutorials and Videos

Moreover, Aweber.com comes with webinars, tutorials and videos to provide better understanding about the advantages of email marketing. The webinars are sharing tips and tricks to set up a successful marketing campaign. The tutorials guide you about the effective use of the available tools. Testimonials, tips and education are included in the videos. In case you need help, there is extensive documentation and instructional videos for it.

Expert customer support:

If you subscribe for Aweber service then you can get live customer support with the chat option online. You can also call at the toll free number (available for both domestic and international customers) for customer support. You can know the answer of many frequently asked questions at the knowledge base.

Positive points:

  • Check the service with the first month trial of $1 only or Free (at particular links)
  • Pay special attention to new subscribers by using efficient Autoresponder
  • More than 150 HTML email templates for customer convenience
  • With RSS, convert your blog posts into the email marketing newsletters
  • You can track your campaign’s performance
  • Incorporate AWeber’s email marketing software with another service or tool by API
  • You can perform spam check before sending email
  • General documentation and instructional videos to guide customers
  • Excellent Mail deliverability rate 99.34%
  • Increase your subscriber list with over 1, 02,000 + other businesses
  • Tie up with different ISP’s like Yahoo, Hotmail and others
  • Expert customer support available
  • Equipped with A to Z email support functions
  • Hundreds of Signup Form Templates for your webpage design
  • List segmenting available to send targeted email messages to subscribers
  • AWeber proven as de facto standard email autoresponder as no negative comments yet

Negative points:

  • After first month, charges are applicable as regards to subscription range
  • Somewhat expensive than other leading service provider
  • Less strong to import prebuilt mailing lists
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