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RepairPal.com: Satisfy your need of a Car Mechanic

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More and more people are choosing to repair their car instead of buying new one in such a down economy period. On the other hand, it becomes the toughest job to find the car repair and service shop, which provides Good work but at Reasonable price. Certainly, the average U.S. vehicle age has risen rapidly in recent years, so that we can get better durability and reliability for our vehicle. Car owners need not to worry till the routine service visits or repairs are under warranty, but what happens after this period has been completed? Later on, it is the tough job for car owners to find the trustworthy and affordable mechanic for the maintenance and repairs that is essential for the higher-mileage cars. Now, no need to worry, RepairPal.com is with us. This website is firmly designed to provide one-stop solution for all mechanical problems of the car.


Once the car owners have visited the Repairpal.com, they can get everything necessary for their car, from finding the best and nearest auto shops to the expert opinion about repair estimates cost and lot more. Just have a look on them.

Get recommendations

Actually, Repairpal is a great social networking platform for car owners, here they can easily get referrals from co-workers, friends and family about their experiences in car care, so that they can easily get some good feedback about reliable and honest mechanics.

Just because of its depth of data, RepairPal.com is one of the best sites of its line. It has about 150 shops in 22 states of the most common repairs and services, which are efficiently utilized to repair all those 40 most common models for the 1990 to 2012 model years, this ratio includes over 96 percent of all the vehicles available on U.S. roads. Such a great figure, isn’t it?

Finally, when you are frustrating from not getting the good and honest mechanic through yourself or through friends or co-workers, RepairPal’s new Top Shop Network which represents the higher level of repair shops would be your perfect place to access; here you can get nation’s best auto repair shops. Additionally, you can narrow your search by ZIP code and car model at repairpal.com as well it offers a smartphone app for convenient and on the go experience of finding . All listings are bifurcated in two types, Featured and Standard listings. Unfortunately, the site is being partial with Featured listings as it is sponsored and paid by businessmen for listings. But, each and every listings of the site are equipped with detailed knowledge about their services like Hours of operation, about their Specialties in repairs and service criteria, Amenities offered by them to make happy the customers. These entire significant information make you realize whether your selection is right or not.

Check for qualifications

The major reason for accessing the best-of listings of RepairPal is – its offered guarantee about own listed mechanics. All of them need to go through the exhaustive approval process that contains, checking of aspects like how many of their mechanics are properly trained, what kinds of tools and equipments they have, how long it’s been in this business, and particularly which vehicles or components they’re trained to work on. Thus, RepairPal agree to offer repairs only after they are getting satisfaction result for all these terms. In result, car owners can get trustworthy, affordable and efficient mechanics for their car.

All these aspects are very important to know while deciding about the service shop of your car. Moreover, the site offers you to check the qualifications of shops regards to some Certifications like,

AAA Approved Auto Repair, which provides assurance with written estimates, return replaced parts and offer a 12-month warranty;
ASA (Automotive Service Association), is well-known for its fair prices, skilled technicians and price estimates;
ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence), which tests and certifies mechanics as well pass them based on their performance in exam and at least two years of experience. Also, they take Retest for every five years to maintain certification and offers blue-and-white ASE logo to their certified mechanics;
SAE (Society of Automobile Engineers), is an international association of engineers and technical experts in the aerospace, automotive and commercial vehicle industries and well-known for providing training, standards and technical publications.

All these certifications make it easy for car owners to trust blindly on the certified mechanics. The site is confirmed about the modern aspects like, have they equipped with Computerized diagnostic equipment and access to online repair systems (which offers latest repair manuals and instructions)?

Repair & Service charge estimators

Many car-owners want to save their money by finding the less-expensive shop for their car, considering this, RepairPal offers a great way for saving, as it makes car-owners to estimate their car repair and service charges. They just need to enter their car problems, instantly; the site views estimated charges for repair and service. This estimated charge includes labor charges and cost of parts. Mind well that given estimate is based on a flat rate, as auto mechanics usually charge for labor by the hour. That’s why estimated charges vary greatly from one garage to another. Also, the parts like starters, alternators and radiators can vary in quality so charged differently from one garage to another.

This best part of the site makes you free from being cheated by the cheapest garages, which apparently put consumers in trouble. Meanwhile, it helps them to avoid all those extra expenses and charges offered by the garages that charge higher prices. Using this, car owners can make the perfect decision about service and repair charges.

Track Car Details

The site offers the separate section for your car details, MyCar, where you can tell about your own car. Enter details easily with drop down selection, also you can add any number of cars and delete unnecessary one. Once you have entered details, all other sections of the site can grab this information by default so you need not to enter them individually.

Advice from Experts

Older car owners need to pay for repairs out of their own pockets, so they neglect maintenance and repairs in order to save money. But this is not a right way, instead of this try to solve the minor car problem by yourself, if you think you can do that. As well, RepairPal is once again for you, here it offers you an expert recommended knowledge for car problems. There are some separate sections like Q&A, Problem reports, Recalls which are issued especially for cars with safety-related defects or problems, Encyplodia to provide detailed functionalities for each car-parts, Auto car advice offers guidance, tips and useful advices to handle out the problem yourself, Owner’s stories to get acquainted with different kinds of car problems and Blogs to read amazing news collection of car industry.

All these features assist you greatly and make you independent of garages or shops in repairing the minor car defects.

If you are one of the car owners, who always concerned about how to avoid paying too much Or how to find a good mechanic? Then, RepairPal would be proven as the best choice for you, and it doesn’t require any subscription to access. So, don’t get panic whenever you have trouble, just check its service at least for once…

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  • Doesn’t require any subscription to access
  • Find the car repair and service shop which provides Good work but at Reasonable price
  • Social networking platform to car owners for getting referrals from co-workers, friends and family
  • It has listings for 150 shops in 22 states
  • Listed shops can repair 40 most common models for the 1990 to 2012 model years
  • Top Shop Network to find shops by ZIP code and car model
  • Businessmen can sponsor and paid for their listings in Featured listings
  • Each and every listing equipped with detailed knowledge about their service aspects
  • Offer guarantee about own listed mechanics by ensuring about their credentials
  • Makes car-owners to estimate about their car repair and service charges
  • MyCar for tracking repair and service details about your own car
  • Add and delete any number of cars at MyCar option
  • Offers an expert recommended knowledge to handle minor car problems by yourself


  • Limited to the U.S only
  • Featured listings get partial advantages

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