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MarutiKizashi.com: Specifications, Gallery, Accessories & more

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MarutiKizashi.com is the official website of the 1st Maruti car in the D-segment to be launched in India, Maruti Kizashi 2010. Maruti Kizashi is the first all-wheel drive sedan in the luxury D segment loaded with stunning features, user friendly control and attractive looks. MarutiKizashi.com is the information resource of Maruti Kizashi where car-lovers can get all details about Maruti Kizashi including specifications, highlights, accessories and many more.

MarutiKizashi.com: Specifications, Gallery, Accessories & more

Maruti has lot of cars in small car segment but there has been an unoccupied space for a luxury sedan in D-Segment which will be soon filled by gorgeously beautiful and elegant car Kizashi. Maruti Suzuki India Ltd is one of the largest companies in car market of India and previously it has launched three types of Kizashi. The Maruti Kizashi is already selling in the US and Japanese market and received a wonderful response. In India, it might be launched with the affordable price range of around Rs.10 to 12 lacs.

Maruti Kizashi is one of the best cars with 4 wheel drive and provides you real power to fly with its exclusive features and power packed engine. The word Kizashi has the meaning that great things to come and truly the name is just appropriate for the four wheeler launched by Maruti Suzuki. The car will carry an advanced four-valve turbo-fired two-litre petrol, Euro V engine. Also, it is likely to boast the first six-speed transmission from the Suzuki stable.

Kizashi features include a J24B 2.4 petrol engine with 4 cylinder 16 valves DOHC. Its 2400cc powered engine is able enough to generate 185 hp of top power at 6,500 rpm (MT) and 180 hp at 6,000 rpm (CVT) and churns 170 Nm of peak torque at 4,000 rpm. It boasts of Direct ignition system (DIS) for powerful sparks straight to the plugs that result in eventual fuel efficiency and fewer emissions. The car offers mileage of around 9 kmpl in city and 12 kmpl at highway with the help of this and other engine technologies. It has around 63 liter fuel tank capacity.

When you visit the MarutiKizashi.com, you can see the commercial video of the Maruti Kizashi at the homepage of the website. The main navigations of the site include highlights, specifications, gallery, accessories, and brochure. Under ‘specifications’ navigation, you can view all specifications of the Maruti Kizashi including its dimensions, engine & drivetrain, wheels & brakes, exterior, interior, cargo, and safety. To know about the brakes, engine, body, suspension, paddle shifters, alloy, audio, acc, keyless, safety, and seats of the car, take a look at ‘highlights’ navigation of the site.

Features of Maruti Kizashi:

  • Engine capacity of 2.4 litre
  • Six speed manual transmission
  • Maximum fuel tank capacity of the car is 63 litre
  • Maruti Kizashi has direct ignition system
  • Optional automatic one-based CVT technology accompanied with paddle shift

Source: marutikizashi.com

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